My skin hurts!

Sometimes when I have a flare my skin will hurt like it’s on fire. Is there something we can do to help that? Right now it’s in my foot and even if she knew or slipper hurts like heck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Try rubbing some lotion on your skin when that happens. That is what I do and it helps to cool my skin. Best of luck

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Have you checked with your Doctor to see what is going to happen with your symptoms you telling us about.
My first suggestion would be to ask your physician, before doing anything else. What about calamine lotion, are any over over the counter medicine for pain itching or scratching just for everything your describing.
And let us know what you use.


Yes, she suggest like you do to use lotion. I am trying something with capsaicin because I read it helps even though it may burn a little. But it got excellent reviews online so here goes nothing.

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or try something with lidocaine in it .


Ya when my feet felt like they were on fire my Dr told me to use some reg OTC lotion to help cool them off which it actually works and my feet aren’t as dry anymore either. Lol

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I found something with 5% lidocaine in it. It does help some what. Thanks for the recommendation.

I been trying CBD oil and it’s been helpful plus I also started water therapy I have felt much better since I started. I still have my up and down moment like this week. I also noticed that if I go for a walk I get some relief

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Lidocaine patches! Ask your doctor for a prescription. The OTC lidocaine is 4% and t he prescription lidocaine is 5%. I don’t know why but it makes a big difference.

I suffer from several autoimmune diseases and the pain can be unbearable. During an ER visit a doctor prescribed the lidocaine for me. I thought, here we go again, what a joke BUT thankfully I tried it and it was literally life changing! I cut to long strips from the patch and wear it on both my wrists or apply where ever I am having “skin” pain.

It might be worth just at least trying it! Good luck and best wishes. Even if it doesn’t work don’t give up hope. Prior to finding the lidocaine patches I thought I’d never find anything to help me with that type of pain… thankfully I found the lidocaine patches and pain meds. Still so uncomfortable but at least the pain isn’t so bad that my blood pressure is so high that there’s a concern for stroke. Best wishes and hang in there :) sending virtual hug

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I will ask about them. Thanks

I use lavender Essential oil!! Works wonders!

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One of the things I enjoy is a jetted tub. The other is ( not sure correct name ) but I wrap them around a arm or leg just which one is hurting the most and turn on blows up puts pressure on the sore spot it’s great. It’s just like a balloon blows up and then air releases.
With all that a heating pad or blanket also nice .
God Bless pray you find some relief.

Thank you

Lidocaine is helping. Thanks. Aloe vera helps too. They don’t know what it is. They gave me antibiotics, no help. 3 months now! Still kills me to put shoes on. I wonder if it’s the fibromyalgia.