My Keto Diet

Hi, I made up my mind to start dieting Saturday morning 10/12/19 and ate light that day but actually started a Keto Diet Sunday 10/13/19. My neighbor has lost over 100lbs in the last year on this diet and she has truly inspired me. So I am confident that I can do it and I’m motivated! It was very hard for me to post this picture because I have 14 different surgical scars on my body and my legs have completely atrophied and look like a sack of potatoes😂. I am very modest and self conscious about my body due to my health issues. But at this point I want to just want to document the transformation. Praying for a change in my health and in my life! 🙏



Simply here as a show of support. My girlfriend actually has a
Facebook page called
Pathways to weightloss. You should check it out. She has people on various weightloss journeys in the group. She herself practices Keto. Shes also a certified chef. Check it out. See what you think. Take care. Congrats on your commitment to self care. Keep in touch!


You look great. Keep the faith. Confer with doctors to stay safe.


Oh wow, thanks for the info and your support. I’ll check her page out.


Thank you. And you are so right. The last time I saw my Dr. he said we need to work on getting some wt off. I just started the Keto diet on my own without discussion it with him. That is truly something I need to do.


Praise God, where do you live. I would like to try the Keto diet myself.


I was thinking of looking into keto. it has been on my mind.

I have most often relied on getting the recommended steps in. so I do think five miles a day sure does help.

if your metabolism is unkind it is about all that helps. in addition to clearing your head and filling it with more pleasantries

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u look great farewell to the pounds!!

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