My Journey To Hell


May 2013 I was in a MVA. My vehicle was rear-ended, T-Boned and then hit head o . I sustained a closed head injury, whiplash in my cervical and lumbar spine, bulging discs in both the cervical and lumbar regions, fracture in my thoracic spine, bilat hip dislocation and lacerations to my knees. I have undergone 3 failed back surgeries, over 100 physical therapy sessions, over 30 spinal injections, bone marrow aspiration as they thought I developed bone cancer, countless MRI’s, CT’s and XRays, I even trialed a NeuroStimulator this past December (which worked amazingly) I’m now waiting to have it permanently placed. Through this all I had to resign from my job of 10 year’s and we went from a 2 income family to a 1 income family with my medical bills still coming in. This past July while in the ER I had a Non Focal Seizure. I’m now on anti seizure medication. It’s like a never ending story for me. The pain never goes below an 8 even with pain medications. I see a pain management specialist and he’s been amazing with me. Like I said I’m waiting to have the NeuroStimulator placed by my pain doctor. By the grace of God it will happen soon because this pain is getting pretty unbearable. Thank you for reading and listening.


I can’t imagine the car accident you’ve been in… I was hit behind with a car going 50 mph. I had neck surgery, two shoulder surgeries and then back surgery a few days down the road…so I can relate to some of it…I,have also been in a lot of pain so I understand.I’m sorry your so upset…I hope they find something to relieve your pain…I,just went swimming for the first time in 10 years and I went into the deep water.
I swam on one side as my left is messed up but its going to be good exercise.
I didn’t have much Hope at one point. Im still seeing a muscle tissue specialist for,my leg. I have also had a lot of tests to find out what’s wrong. Maybe they will never find out.
I pray to Jesus and Mary daily. That helps me get through…I will pray for you.


Thank you for the kind words and prayers. You will also be in mine.


I have been baptized and I still been to Hell and back and now and I still love God I know he cares


He does care and will always carry us through 🙌🙏☝️


God does love you more than you could ever imagine.


Amen, He sure does.


Hugs to you 🤗


Thank you


Hugs hope the permanent stimulator works well for you.


I had the stimulator put in back in 2012 and it has been amazing it does help with the pain and i leave mine on all night ling and it helps to be able to get up out of bed in the morning and i hope that you will get yours put in soon and that you will get some relief from it once you get it put in.


Praying that God will heal your body


Thank you


Praying that God will heal your body and that you will be a living testimony to his healing power.My prayer for you is to be healed in Jesus name.AMEN.