My diagnosis

I was diagnosed bipolar disorder and PTSD and general anxiety disorder oh and I have depression also at times I feel I don’t have anyone to talk to but I’m glad I can talk talk to this group and get my feelings out


Its a great group of people here. Hope you are having a good day so far too


thank you cause I always have something to say but the one that said to

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Hi…glad you have a diagnosis…hopefully you c an get on some meds to help with the depression…I have schizo affective disorder and bipolar 1, PTSD and GAD, generalized anxiety disorder. I’ve had this since I was 33. In 62 now…I do okay…
Some days are worse than others…but through prayer to God and Mary our blessed mother, the mother of Christ, I am making it day by day…hang in there…


Glad you found this community! It seems to be a good safe place to talk about your feelings and get solid feedback.


Glad you were able to get a diagnosis because Mental Health is a hard disease to get a correct diagnosis! Praying you get the medication that works best for you! Be honest with your Therapist and share with them everything that you are going threw/experiencing so they are able to help you find the best medication for you…everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for you!


I was diagnosed with these, plus more, in 2004. And It’s really hard to get on the right meds. Last year I changed all my psych meds. Thanks to my AWESOME psych! He stopped one last March. And thanx to that cuz I lost 100lbs in the past year. God bless you all. It took me almost 20yrs to get on the right meds. 😁❤👊😍

Hi y’all I’m having a sad day I’m missing my mom and brother the holidays isn’t the same without them