My Diabetes

I have been doing a great job. I am supposed to take two injections a day. but I have not been able to take my night medication because my numbers are low. Until last night I could not feather read my sugar up.
I have set up all morning trying to figure that out. I went back over the list of food 'I ate.
Nothing I had for dinner last night should have ran up my sugar. I had all vegetables with no meat but I did have some beans maybe that did it I wonder question what ran up my sugar


Are you stressed out or worrying about anything? That will Definatley raise your blood sugar. Ate you on any meds that could raise your blood sugar like steroids? My bs went from 120 to 460 when I was on prednisone for a lung infection…my doc after 3 days told me to get off of it…let us know


Maybe if you had any medication changes that can elevate bs

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Maybe you need to eat a snack around 6pm or 8pm. I eat a snack around 8pm if my reading is low.

Watch the vegetables that you eat some vegetables are starchy.