My daughter 63


i have asked my daughter on more than one occasion to help me to take a bath an she ignores me. She is suppose to help me so I will not fall and bath where I can’t reach and she gets paid to help me but I have to beg her to assist me and I should not have to I feel like if this is how she treats me and she gets paid to help and assist me boy I am in trouble when it should be done out of love for me as her mother. I still love her though I just don’t understand why she treats me the way she does.


If she gets paid, there is no excuse


That’s exactly how I feel. Thank you


I am sorry you have to endure this stressful situation.
If I were you I would contact an advocate who can help you get someone else to help you. I only say this because if your daughter is like this now what is going to happen when you are 100% in need of her help.
I will be praying for you, GOD Bless you!


Thank you and please pray for me and my family.


Great idea


My daughter is my Care taker so I do understand what you are saying. Your Care taker is getting paid to take care of you. I would call the office and tell them how your daughter is treating you…


Grateful for all those that provide assistance for the community in getting mental health care ♥️


Hi I’m new here. How does someone get financial help while caring for their parent?

If I were your daughter, you would have all you can get from me. I am so sorry you have to go through this. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


If I was you, I would first ask her why she doesn’t. Maybe she is uncomfortable doing so. I would sit down and have a talk with her before I do anything else. Yes she should be helping you because she is getting paid to do so, but sometimes there is a reason why. It’s hard for a daughter to see her mother hurting , and sometimes that’s the reason why. (Not blaming you at all because I understand where your coming from and it’s not your fault) Good luck and I’m sorry you have to put up with this.


I did what you suggested and I talked to her about how she feels about being my care giver. The problem is her sisters not offering to help in anyway with my care. But her sisters feel that because she gets paid to care for me they don’t have to assist in anyway. Which there are things they can do but they won’t. My caregiver daughter feels that rhey could come and spend time with me and assist in anyway they can because my daughter has kids and go out with them and my caregiver daughter feels like they could come over and stay with me when she goes out with them and they won’t so she does these things because of her siblings.


That’s definitely understandable! Maybe try and talk to her siblings and ask what they think about it all? Sit all them down and let them express their thoughts/concerns.


Thank you very much ❤❤❤



This does not apply to me. Aline Quenon


Not true.


I am sorry if I have misspoke in any way! I was just making a statement based upon the facts that were given. Not my intention to upset anyone, but I have been in the same situation with my in laws. Just sayin from what that taught me. Sorry


Well, it’s up to you to report her for not doing what she signed up to do. If she loves you then there is no problem in doing anything for your mother. I took good care of my mother because I loved her with all my heart. I was pregnant with my third daughter when my mother got sick, but I took care of her and gave her baths where I had to get her up a flight of stairs while I was pregnant. My sisters didn’t always help me so, I did it on my own. God is very good to me my daughter was born early, but she is now 18 years old. My mother isn’t with me anymore, but I’m so glad that I had that chance to really bind with my mother. I enjoyed taking care of her. She was the best mother a girl like me could ever have. I love and miss her dearly. My mother was the best. I just can’t imagine a female that doesn’t do the right thing by her mother. My mother was my best friend and I truly miss our late night shopping sprees at Walmart.


If she refuses to help you, fire her Ass and hire someone who is serious about his/her job as caregivers


Hello to you all. Just want to share pleasant thoughts with others.


Your daughter has the greatest privilege of all her siblings. That is, caring for you during your later years and bringing some peace to your life.
I had that privilege doing my mom’s last two years. She lived with us. And she gave to us as much as we gave to her. I treasured every moment I had with her and my children have the most wonderful memories of her. I hope that your daughter will realize what joy all of you can have during this time. May our Father in heaven bring you blessings.