My daughter 63/2


My daughter is acting so unconcerned about the people who cares about her the most. She does not like that my health is getting worse. She treats me and her children like we are a burden. I think that I’m going to see if she wants me to get someone else to do my care.


Maybe she is young and selfish? Is there anyway to get someone else?


Yeah she is young alright. But she is mean to her kids yeah she is tripping because her ex husband left her for another woman and her middle son is already rebellion against her. She has 3 kids she is always yelling and she treats everyone like she does no wrong but that everyone else is doing all the wrong ro her. Yeah she is wanting to be wealthy I don’t want to be sick I just keep getting worse I just wish that I could just die. I have a friend who has passed away and she told me that if ny health gets worse that my children would abandon me and she was right.


Oh Dear God!! I’m having a bad night myself today…I came to Nebraska from Washington state last March and spent 2 months in my son and daughter in laws basement…it was horrible. I only got to come upstairs for dinner…had to get an apt. Here in Omaha…finally got one in May of last year…my daughter in law is constantly hurting me…and telling me what to do. My health isn’t that great but I keep trudging along…going to try to get out more.90 degree and hotter summers and 0 degree winters…I didn’t sign up for this…no exercise…never see son anymore all he does is work…I feel alone and abandon …I’m sorry your daughter is so unkind to you…she probably hates herself and her life…we all have it tough…no one gets out alive…I believe in Jesus and even then I have bad days…seems like they just get worse…I can’t nor can you lose hope…God will take care of us even if no one else will. He will not abandon us…he promised that!


I am so sorry not only for you having to go through all this but for her…at this point in her young life she has all the responsibility but on her because you didn’t ask for life to take a bad yurn. God Bless you!
I however don’t like the way she treats you and her children.
One day you will be gone and she will regret how she did you wrong in the end. Also her kids were her choice to have and shame on her for, in my opinion a bad mom and she is teaching them how to treat people who care about them.


Sorry all, my spell check has a mind of its own


Yes HE did promised us have to remember that. You keep holding on to Jesus as well. I hate that your daughter in law is treating that way. Thanks for sharing and hopefully things will get better. ❤❤❤
I just needed to vent my frustrations.


Thank you and I agree with you. Much love ❤❤❤ I really needed to vent she hurts me every day because of her of her attitude.


I understand…I just got through reading some positive reinforcing thoughts. I am not my feelings. This too will pass. I will survive this.,I have survived before… Also,put Norah Jones on very mellow music reading the Prayer of the Presence of God by a monk in a monestary in France…it says to pray always. Jesus told us in the bible to Pray always…I’m feeling better…I hope you do too.🐯


Praise the Lord
I started reading my bible and I started feeling better thank you. We all need each other to help get through the evil of today. I am glad you feel better. I féel better as well. 😇😇😇❤❤❤


Thank you God for helping us to feel better as night falls here in Nebraska…tomorrow is a new day.lets try to always pray to God and ask Jesus to keep us in the palm of his hand…have a good night. Kathy


Just remember that Jesus doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And there is power in prayer.
We are here toto help and support each other.


Dear Summer and Angel- I know words cannot take the hurt you are feeling right now. Your daughter seems to be unhappy from your writing. Therefore, the unhappiness she feels she is passing on to other people.

I would suggest if you can find a support group, your church or community. Check with your physician or clergy to see if they can help. Most of all stay positive even if you may feel tried. Keep a strong will, have faith in your Heavenly Father. You cannot give up. Love you and put on that happy face. Let nobody take your joy from you.

Peace, love and joy are yours for the asking. Believe as if it has happen, and it will.

Until next time 💕🙏🏼
Rosebud 🌹


Same to you and thank you again. ❤❤❤


Thank you Rosebud. ❤❤😇😇


It sounds to me that she could use some counseling. She is having trouble dealing with her situation sounds like we her self esteem is extremely low. You need to tell her everyday how beautiful she is, how awesome she is , just little notes like that can build her self esteem.
Her being down is bringing you down with her, so maybe hopefully this works remember there is nothing like the power of prayers. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Rr re


Thank you but I do encourage her constantly she’s my daughter and I say all those things. She feels like she is doing all the right things and no one else can tell her anything about her choices on life. But thank you please keep me in your prayers. My daughter was raised with the Holy Bible and now she ignore s it. 😇😇😇❤


Hello Susan K, you need to try on getting out of their, don’t sound like your safe. Is their another person/relative to stay with? Sounds horrible where you are. I can’t believe the things I’m reading, no family member should be treated the way you are or others just due to sickness or something else we can’t control. God Bless you&your situation, i pray you find peice living in your surroundings.
God Bless you!!!


I’m sorry to hear that, I would definitely find other care from someone else.


Hi Jewl. Thanks for writing…I did get out of the basement…I keep trying to figure out how to get out of Nebraska…I have a voucher and I have to stay for a year once I sign my lease…so I’m stuck here for another year…only my son. I have 3, is here in Nebraska. The other two live in the northwest and the east coast so they can’t help…my middle son said when he gets the money I can move back to Washington…I have one friend there bit he’s 81…so I don’t know how long he will live, though we can go anytime God wants us…your very kind and at times I wish there were more people here to turn to…I will look,up support groups…this one helps me by reading other peoples problems…
Hopefully I can give them encouragement…also…