My Crazy Life


My biggest problem is depression. Within the last month or two. My grown kids have pushed me to the max mentally. They still live at home their ages are 20,18, and 14.
Im currently working 530 pm to
400am at my local hospital
I have never worked these hours ever. Im a single mother, full-time employee, and part-time student. The kids are not really helping with anything except to make my life more stressful. On top of all that i have a grandson that i am helping my daughter raise. My day is pretty much get off work at 4am. Go home sleep for 2 hours get my son up and take him to school. Come back home sleep for 2 more hours then take my daughter to work because she lost her license due to 2 DWI. Come back home sleep about 4 more hours maybe before i have to make dinner and get ready for work. My body has been affected by this craziness im severely anemic, over weight, and Vitamin
D deficient. I don’t get regular sleep so im all the time lazy, and tired. So no wonder im so fat.that
Also adds to my stress because i dont like the way i look and to lazy to do anything about it.


Oh girl, you got a lot on your plate, wow, you are doing the best you can… You are a strong woman raising ypur kids and grandchildren, working, supporting everyone, give yourself some credit, you are doing a damn good job…you need a nice vacation, to let yourself stop and take a breath for a second… Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!


Hmmm, well you have 2 adults living with you, why can’t they help? They can make dinner, drive kids to school? I take it there are no school busses. Speaking of busses, why can’t your daughter take one? I understand being a mom and it’s hard to say no but it’s affecting you both physically and mentally you are letting them walk all over you and believe me it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Is your daughter staying sober? You need solid sleep, I’ve worked a swing shift and know how it affects your health. Please, take care of yourself first because if you don’t you will be no good for them. You deserve it.


Wow! I regret that I can do little to help you. However, I can and will pray. I serve a god who does care about us, and the things that happen. He is "acquainted with our suffering ". Message me if I can pray more effectively


Set ground rules! The 18 and 20 year old should know better and if they don’t like the rules, oh well they can move out! If they cause more harm and trouble, do NOT hesitate to call the police! Tough Love and practice the shortest and the hardest word in the dictionary…NO! Good luck


Oh dear. I am so sorry you are struggling through this.
I am totally with @Lauribell (sp?) on this. If a Mama doesn’t take care of herself, she can’t effectively care for anyone else. A lot of energy wasting tire spinning. God bless you.
~ Cindy


Dogloy why are you fixing dinner for everyone? They are old enough to cook and clean. Tough love works if you make a decision and stick to it. Is it possible for your daughter to take public transportation? Can your son go to school with another parent? Perhaps you and another parent could drive on alternate weeks? I wish you all the best. Hopefully the kids do their part once you put your foot down.