My breast cancer

My name is Pam I was diagnosed with breast cancer sep 1 2017 I am now a survivor still go to cancer doctor for 5 years let’s hope it’s doesn’t come back


I had breast cancer in 15. Its been 4 years cancer free. So I’m praying this year is good as well. Will keep you in my prayers. I’d pray as well yourself


That is wonderful news and great for you, your, and those who would call you a friend. I know that you hope that this will be the future for you and I do to.
I don’t know the condition of your heart or your faith. I hope that your recent experiences would give you reason to assess your life and your faith.


Thank you for sharing that you are a breast cancer survivor because you are giving other people hope that they can be survivors as well. I’m sure you’ve been through a lot and I’m hoping and praying that you will be in remission for the rest of your life.

Stay healthy, stay positive and be strong!

I wish you all the best,



Hi. My name is also Pam. I was 1st diagnosed in 2000. Had a reoccurrence in 2007. Last chemo in 2009. Thank God I’ve been doing well since then. I still see my oncologist every 3 - 4 months. Take good care of yourself😊. Try to stay positive. Praying for you Pam 🙏🏽.

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Thank you I am a Christian and without him I wouldn’t be we’re I’m at today. I was a widow at 43 I have raised my oldest granddaughter who is 15 now . And now I’m raising my youngest who is 3 but with out my God I couldn’t do it

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