Muscle Cramping

All I have to say about muscle cramping is, “OUCH”!!! I woke up this morning with cramping in my right calf! It’s crazy how the muscles contract and not release. It can be so painful. When I get the MS hug 🤗 it’s not a nice hug it’s a very painful hug where I feel I’m being squeezed to death with a vice grip around My torso. Sometimes it actually moves the ribs which causes another pain all together. My last visit to the chiropractor I had 8 ribs out… craziness 🥵!!! Fortunately spasticity comes and goes, thank goodness👍🏼

I was diagnosed with MS in 1996 so I’ve been living with this disease for 22 years. I have chosen to live a life full of love, passion, happiness, my belief in Christ who sustains me daily which allows me to help others who also live with a disability. When I wake up in the morning it can take up to 2 hours to feel whole, getting the pain under control through daily prayer is truly the best medicine you can take. Of course I take my MS medicine (Aubagio) a pill form & others to help with fatigue, dizziness, spasticity, incontinence, (Exelon patch) for memory just to name a few.


Thank you for sharing! Jesus is important ! I need his help daily!


To me their is no Jesus or God, why do people insist there is when he let us get MS? Do not tell me it was Satan’s work, Go overrides all

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Jesus and GOD are always there for us all.
To talk to, cry to, laugh to, argue to, pray to, learn from and hope!

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God ! When are you going to understand?

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I understand who helps me throughout my life .

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Thank you to all who responded 😉

Thank you for sharing!

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A lot of us do believe in Jesus and God. I was a nurse for 25 years. I can tell you a big difference when people have this belief they tend to be more appreciated. I have never pushed my religious feelings on anybody. I think everyone has the right to believe whatever they feel. I have certainly had my share of of seeing both. WhenMy daughter was given 2 years at the most to live. I went through the t the pain that this really questions your belief. How could I believe in God when he gives me a sweet baby and make her going through so much pain. I was pretty good at hiding my emotions. I did not want to get l
To love her. Thenone day it happened I was asked if we would let her go to Galveston for this problem. We jumped at it. She made many medical journal. She has not been easy to raise. She had to have a liver transplant 🦁they said transplants only lasted 10 years. In October she will be 50. My MS has just become another little hurdle. I just turned 70. I have been blessed to have a daughter to be friends. Sorry this is so long. Some times I have to look back on my life MS is a big deal but life goes on. She is also going to be post transplant for 22 years🌹


I don’t get cramping too much anymore. I get extreme tension when I wake up. Body pain as well as headache

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😫feels like that. My stomach did it. And it hurt so bad I broke a bridge. So more than one tooth.

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Janet! Thank you so much for sharing your feelings which I appreciate so much! And am so happy to here that your daughter is 12 years past the mark that the drs told you and pray that it will continue to last!

Holy cow that’s some crazy pain!!! I definitely can relate and all we can do is just ride it out which seems so unfair but every time I get through it I realize how strong I really am!