Multiple family members

Cud this app be designed to handle multiple family members

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On the home screen, tap the “profile icon” (the silhouette of a head in a circle, in the top left corner). That’ll take you to the Profile screen, where there’s an option to “Add profile”. Be careful, though, because you can’t always tell which profile you’re working on unless you remember how you got there. For example, all the screens that say “You” in big type at the top STILL SAY “YOU” WHEN YOU’RE IN SOMEONE ELSE’S PROFILE! I’ve already made a strong suggestion to fix this and related issues.

Thanks for helping, @mamandel! We appreciate your suggestions and will definitely update you in the related topic if implemented in the future.

@map—Here are a few additional links that include how to add profiles on all devices (and how to share profiles between accounts):

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reply here or send an Inbox message through the app anytime.


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