MS headaches

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is managing their MS as best you can. I have a question that I’d like to post for comment.

I’ve been having daily tension headaches for about two to three weeks. Does anyone else have this symptom and if so, how do you deal with it?

Charlie G


Yes I find it when I have more stress I get thoss headaces

Yes! I’ve had one for three past 3-4 days. Pain behind my eyes/ down into my neck. I usually take otc pain meds. Ice packs work well for me. Occasionally, an allergy med depending on the type of headache I have.

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Thanks for the prompt replies. I’ve been taking Tylenol for now which seems to help. The more I Google, headaches and MS seem to go hand-in-hand for some people. I’m awaiting a call back from my MS Clinic to see what it has to say.

I don’t have MS. I’ve had chronic migraine headaches since childhood. Sometimes my headaches last for a week.

Sorry to hear that. I’ve never had a migraine but know someone who does. From what I see, they can be very stressful and debilitating. Wishing you the best.


Thank you 😊

I went to my neurologist because mine lasted 6 months and I told him that I eas at my limit. He prescibed me indomethacin and it knocked it right out.

Yes, almost everyday I have a headache. It is hard to deal with

Yes, everyday I have them. I wake up and right away there it is. My body is also in pain when I wake because it is so rigid.

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My MS Clinic said MS doesn’t cause headaches but one can’t deny that there is a correlation between them both. I did a cursory Google search and there seems to be a link between MS and headaches, anecdotal or not.

Thanks for your message CharlieG

I find that taking Ibuprofen or Noproxin help a little. That and taking naps also helps sometimes, but at the same time not everything helps everyone the same way.

Hi there I know it is hard to stay away from stress but u need to avoid it as much as u can and see ur doctor they might be able to give u something for it