Ms and loss of my wife


I lost my wife 3yrs ago and a week later I was diagnosed with ms it’s a been a rough 3 yrs with fatigue balnce


How is your diet? Are you watching your anti-inflammatory foods they will inflamed things that aggravate your Ms and they also will make you tired I just got diagnosed in February with MS. And I have been doing a lot of reading and research. I have celiac disease so I’m already gluten-free which is autoimmune to begin with. And this is like another autoimmune to our body we need to treat it by what we’re putting into our body as well read up on that go online and try to eat anti-inflammatory foods and see how that helps your body and it’ll help you.


Sorry to hear about your loss. MS can be a struggle in and of itself so it takes lot of courage to deal with that after your loss. I hope life is kinder to you now throughout this difficult time. Take care.


So sorry to hear that. You never know what to expect. It is very hard to lose the only person who knows everything about you.


I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I dont no if this helps but I have been living with ms and lupus for over 20 years. The beginning sucked because my whole life changed. I love working but due to my eye sight, vertigo, fatigue and could no longer drive. I had to quit. The optic nerves in my eyes burnt out so i no longer drive. Wow that was a smack in the face. The first 5 years I couldnt get out of bed. My bestfriend came over everyday telling me to fight and find my way out of bed. Low and behold it just happened…it was weirdest thing ever. Anyway, ms is something u can fight and they r coming up with new medicines all the time. If u would ever like to talk I would be more than happy too. I am a positive person and ms is not going to kick my ass. It really will be ok.🙂


Thank you


Yea instead of 1 change the lost of my wife I was forced to retir
When it rains it pours


Thank you


Thank you


Just remember you’re not given more than you can handle… Just stay strong what’s the alternative? I think you’re really tough I don’t know if I’d be that strong.