Ms and angry

Well Jeremy, I guess my blood test came out well, now I have to get a different one so I can start on my Ocrevus. It will be soon. What I read about it seems pretty hopeful🤗

I am taking Ocrevus. It seems to be working. I sleep during the transfusion. It takes 6 hours to do.

You really think it is worth it? I am so excited to try it now! It is the first news I have on it! Thank you! I really appreciate you telling me. Thank you! I will let you know the outcome 😀😀😀😀

I followed over us during the trials. Very goof medication. It will help. I’ve had ms seventeen years now. Just progressed into secondary progressive.

One thing about me. You have good days bad days. Good months bad months. Good years bad years! Lol. That’s the life. Drink a lot of cold water during hot weather. Stay warm during cold weather. That helps against the spasticity.

If your husband doesn’t understand then try going to actual meetings in your city or nearby. You need his support. And if he doesn’t want you talking to strangers no reason to cause problems. Perhaps have him sit with you and read together and ask his opinion as you post or get answers. Getting him involved will help him understand

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Hello Barbara, I am taking Ocrevus since 2018 and it seems to have stopped new lesions but I am still waiting for the miracle cure

Thank you for your message. I too am looking for a miracle.Did you have side effects? I am a bit concerned 🤔

Hi, I started Ocrevus 3 mos ago, having self-injected Copaxone for 13 yrs. No problems yet!

Thank you ,Big Red, I needed some encouragement 🤗

Julie Beth on ocrevus did you are you able to walk a little better

hi Jackie I wanted to know if when you take if you’re walking and balance got any better

OMG… I have recently started chemo for ocrevus… It’s the best thing I ever did in the world. I was told it was going to stabilize my ms because it was starting to go down the back of my spine. I am literally a different person since I’ve started this medicine. I’ve been dealing with MS and Lucas this for 20 years… It was so hard to live so tired, the pain, confusion, stability and more. I swear to you I am a different person and I only had 2 treatments. I no longer have to give myself a shot every day just every 6 months I go into an infusion center have and a fusion for 5 hours and then I’m done for another 6 months. Please listen to your doctor this is the best decision you can ever make I promise you I promise you. I was hesitant to but I never made a better decision ever. You have any questions feel free to ask me I promise you this will change your life.

I am so happy for you! I hope I get great results too! I just hady first infusion. I really think it is going to be a good thing. Don’t Know why, I just do

Hey how are you going? How has the infusions helped you. I was hoping I could walk with my cane instead of this Walker
Talk to me please

How is Ocrevus helping you. I have 2 infusions, but I feel the same. Let me know how it is helping you

I have had 2 infusions, how long till I feel better

I’m using CBD and helps me with my moods

After my second infusion I was very shaky and my legs didn’t want to work. could it be because I forgot to take my Baclofen? Has anyone felt shaky?

The first infusion went well. The second one, I was very shaky and spastic afterwards. Is this normal

How did you feel after your second infusion? I was extremely shaky and couldn’t walk. How about you?

I’m like you. I’m using a motorized wheelchair for movements but, since I used CBD began walking long hours. Improve my eyesight ( no MS found in last check). Abandon medications ( Rebif, Predigy, Zymbrita, Tecfidera). Feeling free of this disease. Only side effect is munchies.