Ms and angry

I have had ms for 7 years and it is getting worse. I went from came to walker. I am so mad at this m that I can’t explain my doctor wants to try me on Ocrevus. Has anyone gone through the infusion and how are you now,?


Hello Barbara, nice to meet you. I had Ms 5years ago, and it has been frustrating, but talking really helped alot, my son was the best thing that ever happened to me. be kept me going. You have hope Babara, keep on fighting


Thank you for your kind words. I have two granddaughters. They keep me going, it is so sad to me thatI can’t play the way I want with them

Yes, they grow up fast. And far away from home… I wish I had grandkids, it nice to have a chat. you can email me when ever you fell like talking.

Thank you Jeremy. I will be in touch, right now I am heading to the shower!

Hi Jeremy, I feel much better now. I will contact you later
My husband just walked thru the door, and he doesn’t understand
me just talking to a MS friend see you later 😁

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Hello dear, good morning. how are you doing

I want to get a blood test. Back home now and good morning to you too or should I say good afternoon!


Oh by the way I kept your email address and I will use it eventually :-)

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How was the test. have a blessed day

Blood test did not hurt! Don’t know the results yet My doctor wants me to go and get infusions of Ocrevus, have you ever heard of this before

Well Jeremy, I guess my blood test came out well, now I have to get a different one so I can start on my Ocrevus. It will be soon. What I read about it seems pretty hopeful🤗

I am taking Ocrevus. It seems to be working. I sleep during the transfusion. It takes 6 hours to do.

You really think it is worth it? I am so excited to try it now! It is the first news I have on it! Thank you! I really appreciate you telling me. Thank you! I will let you know the outcome 😀😀😀😀

I followed over us during the trials. Very goof medication. It will help. I’ve had ms seventeen years now. Just progressed into secondary progressive.

One thing about me. You have good days bad days. Good months bad months. Good years bad years! Lol. That’s the life. Drink a lot of cold water during hot weather. Stay warm during cold weather. That helps against the spasticity.

If your husband doesn’t understand then try going to actual meetings in your city or nearby. You need his support. And if he doesn’t want you talking to strangers no reason to cause problems. Perhaps have him sit with you and read together and ask his opinion as you post or get answers. Getting him involved will help him understand

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Hello Barbara, I am taking Ocrevus since 2018 and it seems to have stopped new lesions but I am still waiting for the miracle cure

Thank you for your message. I too am looking for a miracle.Did you have side effects? I am a bit concerned 🤔

Hi, I started Ocrevus 3 mos ago, having self-injected Copaxone for 13 yrs. No problems yet!

Thank you ,Big Red, I needed some encouragement 🤗

Julie Beth on ocrevus did you are you able to walk a little better