Moving on with stg 4 LCancer &Copd

Afternoon everyone: I’m not new to site but it’s been awhile since I’ve been on.
Time I give up some independent living. The time has come to move in with oldest daughter who is a home heath care giver & has been hinting for the move in for some x now. After my last hosp stay,a wk ago (thanksgiving nite)with copd flare up found out only working with 1 lung & x for some radiation for the tumor. The last 1.5 since diagnosed I’ve been on immunotherapy, Keytruda alone but now theTime has come to add the radiation which will start tomorrow. I’ve been pretty bed bound since this last hosp visit, which i truly hate. From being 100% active life & totally independent to this, really sucks; I am on home ozygen also. I think that’s it for now, just wanted to share some thoughts with people that are going thru the same thing pretty much.
God Bless all who deal with these horrible situations… And the one in remission
“Stay That Way” 🙏😊👍💐☺🎶🎶🌹


Hang in there, warm thoughts


Hi Tanya; thanks a bunch for your comment. Good Bless…🙏👼


I know that has to really be hard to move in with children. I loved living in Florida but moved to another state to be closer to my daughter after my husband died. I bought a house and I am active. Don’t want to live with anyone else. I don’t have lung problems but had a kidney transplant. The meds are rough at times to keep the kidney going. Hang in there and I am sorry about the radiation treatments. I will pray for you.

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Afternoon Smiling; good to hear no lung problems,wish you the best with your kidneys thou. I’ve always been active & independent in my life, not truly looking forward too living with one of my children either. Haven’t done so yet but will soon. Didn’t make it to radiation either due too another hosp visit But feeling 100% better then i did, got out after 3 days with my breathing allot better. The differance in hosp also make a big differance I’m finding out. Wen i go to the one in my town I always end up back in within a week or so. When diagnosed with cancer last yr I began at CTCA the big Cancer Inst of America then when insc changed daughter found NWESTERN Cancer Inst out of Chicago, another great Cancer hosp. I’ll be restarting radiation next week also. 🙏my breathing stays on track. Anyway, hopefully won’t be to bad moving in with daughter soon.
The only person I’ve lived with was my husband of 32yrs, wink be different. Best of luck to you with your kidneys & have a blessed Christmas season…🎁🎄🌹🎄