Motivational Goals Week3 Purple


Our colour this week is Purple! What is your Goal this week? Complete it and take a picture of it with something PURPLE! It doesn’t have to be a huge goal. Start small like a walk around your garden. Or sit on you porch in the sunshine for 30 minutes. There are lots of redbud trees in bloom right now that have beautiful purple flowers. But if you don’t have any purple flowers around for your goal picture, just grab a grape and lay it in the picture!! BTW did you know, during the summer when it’s hot you can put your grapes in the freezer for a tasty cool snack!?
Good Luck everyone…I’m going to try harder this week. I have to think of a simpler goal for myself! One i can complete.😉


Sound like a plan I’m in now I’ve got to find something purple 🤔🥰


Hope Everyone had a great Easter!!


Purple Jellybeans!!
I got out of the house, (hid eggs) I cooked, (Easter Dinner) I know, it doesn’t sound like much but for me it was a lot. It’s not easy to look normal when you feel you would rather be in bed with the covers up over your head. Nobody knows…except those of you that read my posts here.


I take meds I don’t like the side of effects from my meds it makes me have problems sometimes


I take meds when I need to