Motivational Goals Week 2 YELLOW


We didn’t have a lot of activity in our first week…but it’s Spring now so we can do more! Let’s post more goals.
To help I am going to name a colour. Let’s see how many people can post a picture of their goal with something of that colour in it! 😊 For example…my goal this week will be to get my back yard cleaned up. The colour for the week is blue. So I I take a picture of my nice mowed yard which has some pretty blue flowers in a pot on the deck.
OK now the colour we will start with is…YELLOW. 😊


My goal this week is to make Sunshine’s recipe for Bread Pudding for my husband as a surprise! Along with dinner. We have gotten to that point in life where we rarely eat at the dinner table together anymore. 😞


My goal this week is to actually get outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having. Being disabled and in constant pain, it’s easier to lay in bed most of the time…HOWEVER, my goal this week is to sit outside for at least 30 minutes each day! 🌝🌝🌝


My goal is to go out and start with small amounts of walking, in the yellow sunshine, to help get in better shape.
I will post when I walk to hold myself accountable.


I will also look for yellow flowers and get pictures to share.


I have some beautiful plants/flowers in my garden but they wont be up for some time, when they are i will take pictures and post rhem…


My goal thos week is to get the leaves out of my garden areas and clean up some of the yard, oh and to get my taxes done…


I don’t have any thing to do all winter and I have little to do all summer I need oxagen I can’t cut the grass but I find other things to do


Goal was to get to a lake.


Looks like Debbi was the only one that reached her gaol this week!!! Bravo Debbi!! Love the picture! It looks like you had fun. 👍


My Shrimp plant


hello everyone good mornin