Motivational Goals Week 1


We now have the ability to post pictures and sometimes a picture helps get us motivated! So make a goal this coming week and post it here. It could be something as simple as getting out of bed and having coffee before 10am or taking your dog for a walk. If you are working on a weight goal, maybe fixing a healthy dinner.

Whatever your life is dealing you right now, take time to think of a goal…a small one. Post it here. At the end of next week take a picture of something to do with your completed goal and post it to show off your success and help others become motivated!

Example: Monday
My goal is to get up and have coffee by 8am every morning this week.

Ok, I didnt make it everyday, but 3 out of 5 isnt bad!


Oops forgot the picture.


My goal for the week is to get out of the house and say hello to another person at least once a day this week.

I am such a recluse sometimes. I can be outgoing, but other times I just can’t make myself get out of bed. Or sometimes I open the door and for no reason at all I shut it, lock it and go back to my chair. I’m not dependable at all. I’m always late or call to cancel. I know what I’m doing is wrong. Why can’t I change it? No one knows I have this problem. I have learned to hide it well over the years. I am well educated and when I don’t have this problem, I am an active member in our community. But it is getting to be more frequent as I get older it seems.


How about starting with calling someone everyday instead. Maybe a little less intimidating.


I have no problem on the phone. I can keep up the facade just fine over the phone. Its when i have to leave my house i have the problems.
However, i did well this week. I managed to get out 4 times and talk to 3 people i did not know and actually carry on conversations with them.!
One i purchased this cute grape basket vase from. 15533130754827889546746768233094|375x500


Great job!


Ok…no fun or encouragement here if no one else will participate. I’ll just go back to my chair and quilt with Ginger.


Thanks 😊


I sit in my chair with Callie and crochet and listen to my bird whistle and squawk.



Awww…how sweet…I’m glad to see someone besides me does read this!! Thanks for responding and I love the pictures!


My goal is to have supper on the table when my son comes in from work.
I live with my son and he tries his best to look after me. To make ends meet he works 2 jobs. Therefore I want to help ensure he get a good meal. Some morning gas I am able to get his breakfast or days he does our breakfast.
Will post photos as I can.
This is the supper I cooked last nigh. I can not get the chicken photo to up load.
The white bowl is Birdseye Super food, banked macaroni is the square pan. The next photo is cornbread.


Well I had 1 out of 7 this week.
Tonight will be a fail I am not cooking tonight. My son is helping someone move tonight. He told me he would grab something while he is out. For me to eat what ever I wanted, not to worry about him.
We will see what tomorrow brings.


Oh wow that looks so delish!! Great job!! You deserve a day off so don’t dispair.


I am do blessed. After working till late on the 1 day a week my son had off he helped a friend move. Now look what he is doing. Mowing the over grown yard. Over grown. Because it rained for weeks when he was off.
I may have problems but I am truly blessed with this one out of 5.


For got to say my son is so motivated every day. He is such a good man to help everyone he can. We need more people in the world like him.


Awww that’s so sweet of him!!! I wish mine was that motivated. I think I spent too many years being the matriarch that now they all just expect me to continue to be strong…


Ok, new goal for the week.

Put Christmas decorations in storage.
Every year I decorate each room in our house in hopes that all the children will come home. They never do and I end up taking down decorations from 5 bedrooms each year in tears. Each year it gets harder physically. This year I got everything boxed up but not put in storage. It’s all still stacked at the foot of the stairs waiting on me to put all the bins on the shelves in the storage room. There’s only about 40 bins full of decorations and 7 boxes of trees.


I know what you mean about the children.
My oldest daughter lives in Galveston. She is disabled and on a walker due to a fall down the stairs. It is hard for her to travel.
My second child (daughter) married into money. Now we all are beneath her. She wants nothing to do with us.
My third child (daughter) broke up my sisters marriage of 20 years an left her husband to be with my brother-in-law. Therefore she has stopped having anything to do with the family.
My fourth child (son) moved.up north got married. Fourteen years.later after the divorce want to come back to Texas and need help.
My youngest (son) and I let him come live with us. He refused to clean up after himself or to shower regularly. Calvin helped him get a job and since he did not have a car let him use his bike.
One day he told us he quit his job, had called my cousin to come get him because we were picking on him and not helping him out enough.
When my cousin picked him up he took Calvin’s bike and a few other things that were not his. So now he will not talk to the family.
That leaves me and my youngest (son) here together. Oh holidays I get depressed because I did not raise my children to be like that. I do not let Calvin know how much it hurts me but I think he picks up on it.
Oh my I bet this should be in another topic. Or a book like Peyton Place. But seriously I understand the I thought my children would come home for the holidays.


I have 3 wonderful sons! They all try to take care of me and lately I always seem to be angry about something.
Guess that would be a goal for me.