Monthly med reminder

I love this app. Adding a once a month reminder would be beneficial for those , like myself, that have to take something only once a month.



Thank you for the suggestion, Deanna!

While monthly med reminders are not yet a feature in CareZone, you can add a monthly calendar event to remind you when to take your med in the meantime. Then, you can mark the med as taken in the app!

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The ability to add medication(s) monthly. I have post-menopausal osteoporosis and take one pill once a month. Currently, you can only put on certain days but not for monthly. I have it on my meds list but not in reminders. I have forgotten to take it a couple times and you can’t take within 2 weeks of each other and it messed up my whole schedule. I have it on my regular calendar on my phone but it doesn’t give me a notification or reminder to take it. Adding a customize feature under reminders would be awesome. Being able to set it up for monthly and not just certain days of the week or both would be nice. Say, the first Monday of the month or the third Wednesday.

Oh, and under the tracker add heart conditions. I have A-Fib and tachycardia and have an implanted loop recorder. Would be nice to be able to track when I have symptoms, how bad/strong, and time duration.

Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing more input on customizing med reminders, @furmama!

I’ve moved your post to this related topic, so you can keep in touch with any updates down the road.

As a workaround for now, adding the med to the “As Directed” list and setting a monthly Calendar reminder in the app may be helpful. The Calendar reminder will alert you when to take the med and you can mark it as taken from your list as usual.

I’m here to help if you have any questions!

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