Does anyone have problems with balance and being able to walk or stand for long periods of time? What do you use to help you?

OMG yes! If I stand too long waiting for any kind of transpotation, cooking, doing laundry even washing dishes if I get any pain in my lower back it going down my right leg walking I’ll start walking like an old lady b,ent over and can’t stand up straight if I don’t listen to that warning I’m on the floor. Sit too long my back will be hurting when I get up and my balance it off I try not to take the first step from sitting a long time get your balance it doesn’t matter who is calling you safety first.

I also deal with sciatica and vertigo so I love the floor and the floor loves me. Do you use any type of mobility aid such as a cane or walker?

I use a cane but I do have a walker I only use that unless I really have to. When I have bad days that I don’t trust my body I stay in the house if you can’t make it to the bathroom without falling over I would have no chance outside. I don’t drive and that makes it more difficult. We’re in my parents home my mother has a chair lift when my doctor first saw it she was happy and asked if it were mine. I said no I would crawl up the stairs before I got on that thing, my mother did that and when my father lost his sight and can’t no longer walk she used that as what we see as a crutch she can walk but refuses to because of her vertigo why trip yourself. She had been driving since 16 why trap yourself for attention. Anyway that way way more than what my answer should have been.

I appreciate your honesty. I feel silly for using a walker for long distance or large amounts of time on my feet. Thanks for sharing