Migraine pain

I get migraines everyday plus cluster headaches


My are more arthritis based. Sorry to here you have them

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How do you even exist?

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I have migraines daily, as well, plus a band of pain around my head (like I have a too tight hat on).

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I had a fusion in 2012and a few months after that I started getting really bad headaches so now the pain goes from the back of my neck all the way up to my forehead

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I get them every day also… Sucks… Hugs

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I get that as well… I am seeing a neurologist… He has me on Doxepin… It is the only thing that seems to work… Doesn’t take it away completely but it helps…

Is that an injection or a pill?

I am on memantine currently morning and bedtime, but at my next appt my Neurologist said I may need to go to one of the new injectables.

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I might have to ask about that before the injectables.

I found a medication(otc.) It’s called Novalgin, it will get rid of migraines in less then 5 mins I only found it online.you add 10 drops to 4 oz of water

Oh ok ty for sharing I will have to research it to see if I can take it

Hello. I saw your post a few minutes ago and looked this medication name up on Google. I found that it had been banned in the US due to side effects. I just wanted to caution you. Please check into this. Best of luck to you.

Yes I would be very careful taking this drug it’s not recommended for headaches drs give it to people who have brain tumors and it is banned I would stop taking it and I would never order any drug online

I’m so sorry! Do you know what’s triggering your migraines? Mine is my back and I wake up with them. If you can pin point what’s triggering them that’s half your battles .

When I have my migraine headaches I have n injectable that I’ve been on for yrs. but it no longer is effective on the migraines for me. I’m usually taken into the ER and they give me what they call a cocktail of different meds. to get rid of migraine. I’m on imitrex injectors which worked for several yrs. It kept me out of the ER but now it doesn’t work due to I’ve been on same injectable medicine.

I have chronic tension headache. I am never free of pain. I don’t know what it is like to not have a headache. Some days are much, much wets than others. I think it’s given me a relatively high pain tolerance, though.

I’ve never really understood cluster headaches.

I’m 246 days free of migraines but I’m on 80 mg of propranolol two times daily

In the past year I’ve had a sudden onset of migraine headaches I also get numbness in my face my pain doctor says that it’s a nerve pain issue that goes along with my migraines I also have an unknown focal seizure disorder for 7 years now along with a few other crazy symptoms they just found out through an MRI in the emergency room that I have a pineal gland cyst in my brain I have a referral to a neurosurgeon now and I’m very scared plus I don’t know how to tell my fifteen-year-old daughter that her mother is sick I would appreciate any thoughts and or prayers thank you I’m sure I’m going to enjoy being a part of this community

I also stuffer from Cluster Headaches and Migraines. I have found oxygen helps a lot with my cluster headaches along with magnesium infusions. Unfortunately here in Texas they don’t do that. I did get my neurologist to order oxygen for me.