Migraine help

The cefaly device has helped. You can look at it at www.cefaly.us Get the one with dual settings for daily use and when you are having a migraine. I have also seen an improvement using Emgality (Amovig will also do the trick). It’s a monthly self injection.


Does insurance cover the cost?

It didn’t cover mine. But a friend had her neurologist fight for it and it was eventually covered.

If your insurance don’t want to cover the cost of meds then you can have your doctor fill out a form to explain why its needed and get special permission for it you may have to pay the higher cost of the med in your copay

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I paid for mine out of pocket. Not happy about it but am very happy with the product.

Thank you for the input.

I know the fight and its worth it to get rid of the migrains. I had to tell the insurance company i couldn’t get out of bed my other half was going to leave me cause he couldn’t stand me anymore I poured it on thick but it was not far from the truth. Keep in mind what your fighting for and sometimes you can’t fight fair.

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How expensive is it?