Migraine headaches

In the past month I’ve had 30 or more migraine headaches they even have lasted more than 1 week and I’ve been drinking Tylenol 3 and I’ve been taking migraine tension headaches and nothing seems to work its been day 4 with consecutive headaches don’t know what else to take


I was in the same boat over 2 years ago, and was told by Neurologists that taking those headache remedies can give rebound headaches if used more than 14 days in a month. Since I was using them more than 14 days in a month to keep working, I now am having problems getting rid of the migraine - I have had a nonstop migraine for over 28 months, and am unable to even work. In short, watch how much you take those. It might be better to get in with a Neurologist and see if there is something else that works better and with less long-term effects. Just a thought.


I agree with chicky7. It is time for you to start seeing a neurologist and start preventative medicine. You are in the middle of a rebound. I have had my migraine since April 6, 2015, it never stops… the only thing that changes is its intensity. I am currently on a fentanyl patch 37.5 mg every 2 days, Vicodin’s 10mg/325 3 x a day, and Aimovig 140 mcg 1 a month. My pain have gone from a 8.5-10 now down to a 7-10. That little decrease seems like a miracle to me. I can no longer work and am on disability, so please try to get in front of this. I was managing and this is the day I fell, hit my head on a brick garden wall, became unconscious and literally destroyed my life overnight. I had to find a pain management neurologist which is uncommon. There is only 1 in a 300 mile radius but the only way I can get pain relief. Please get a doctor and get in front of it.


So sorry you have to live like this. I totally understand!!!

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See a neurologist, mine put me on doxepin and it is the only thing that seems to help, Hugs, i understand the pain…

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Too much medicine causes rebound headaches. If this is new and you can’t get into see a doctor right away go to ER. They should be able to help break the cycle. See a neurologist. There are some new medicines out to help prevent the high frequency of migraines. My neurologist is currently working with me on my migraines. Hugs

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I was having frequent migraines as well and went to my doctor and he sent me to an optometrist. Went through every test. Two days later get a phone call and a referral to see a neuro ophthalmologist. They ran more tests. Conclusion, have papillary edema pressing on my optic nerve. Got referred to Emory Medical where they want me to have a killer migraine from hell every month while they stick a huge needle in my back to withdraw CSF through lumbar puncture. Effects from that is a migraine that lasts entire day, but after that no more migraines until I have to go get a lumbar puncture again. So hey, it might be your eyes, your brain, just go to your regular physician to see what’s wrong with you. You never know what it could be. I don’t take any pain medication at all or any prescription medications. All they do is lead to liver failure anyways. Holistic medicine helps a lot. I’m currently taking CBD oil, turmeric, glucosamine supplements, and a couple other herbs and vitamins to deal with pain. I you do go that approach though, make sure you tell your doctor everything you’re taking.


Wow, I’m so sad to hear the amount of headaches and tylenol 3 your taking. Please see a neurologist to find the underlying reason. I hot them due to stress and more. They left until 2 years ago from a TBI. So I’m on imitrex and they work wonders. Best to you!

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Your wel ome did you see a dr yet? I’ve been having them again lately due to stress I’m on BP meds to make sure of what my BP may do. I don’t want to be in the hospital.

That sounds horrible! How about prescription med? I take Topamax for my migraines. Some of your headaches could be rebound headaches caused by taking too much otc pain med…

See your doctor!

Recently prescribed Amivig but Humana won’t cover it!

Topamax is a preventative med that doesn’t work for me.

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I am on Medicaid and have the same issue. They won’t pay for it. Sucks. Have you tried Depakote?

I’m so sorry😭

Can’t remember. I’ve tried so many!

If you take acute MEDS more than twice a week, you can get rebound headache. Try taking a combination of 1 Excedrin Migraine and 4 Motrin at the same time. This works better than 5 mg Percocet for me with chronic migraine.

Have you considered going to a neurologist for Botox treatment for migraines? Have you tried a chiropractor? Have you tried Imitrex pills or injection?

One other thing to consider is caffeine intake. Caffeine is a vasodilator which means that it opens the blood vessels throughout your body especially in your brain. When I feel a migraine coming on I’ll grab a cup of hot coffee as my first step in trying to avoid the whole bleeping train wreck that comes with a full blown migraine. The hot coffee also has some other effects such in my case are mostly psycho-somatic but with a migraine I’ll take whatever works in place of the go hide in a dark room till the bleeping thing goes away. One other migraine abortifacient I find helpful is Zomig nasal spray. Zomig NS comes six(6) nasal sprays to a box but your neurologist should be able to give you a sample pack to see if it will work before even trying to jump through the insurance hoops.

At this point I’m taking Emgality 120mg IM once a month with morphine for breakthrough pain management and a fentanyl 25mcg patch to keep the aggravated nerves in my neck and back from insisting I hang up my permanent checkout notice. With these pain meds and some muscle relaxants (Norflex/Orphenadrine Citrate) I find that life is liveable just not always comfortable. If I have to be seen in an urgent care/emergency room situation I ask for a cocktail of NSAID(Toradol/ketorolac), Muscle Relaxant(Norflex), and Anti-Nausea(Phenergan/promethazine) tp be given either as a series of inter muscle(IM) shots, or if I’m completely gone inter venous(IV) since it will take effect almost immediately. Note: asking for non-narcotic pain relievers usually will short circuit the whole BS around the war on drugs crap currently underway, plus the doctor can hold a narcotic dose for a last resort if you start by requesting a NSAID. One other note worth mentioning is to all about steroid injections at your trigger point(s) this way you can get meds directly onto the nerve that is screaming at you for some quick relief. Some clinics/emergency departments also prefer to do a trigger point injection with a numbing medicine like Novocaine instead.

On a different more knowledge note: I’ve found that the medication reuptake by most human bodies for an IV medication dose is measured in seconds, where a IM dose is going to take fifteen(15) to twenty(20) minutes before it is effective. However it will last in the body for a much longer period of time. I personally find that an IM dose will keep my migraine from debilitating me for at least 3 days usually though I’ll see relief for about five(5) days. Where an IV dose is usually able to kick the migraine away almost immediately and totally, but this route of delivery allows for a new migraine to exhibit itself in another day or two(2).

Wishing you fruitfull migraine management and hopefully you will find a cocktail that works for you,