Might Be Diabetic

Hi! I am being a tested for diabetes and have a high chance of having it. My GP thinks it’s LADA. What do I need to know if I get diagnosed?

Read EVERYTHING, I’m type 2 but I knew I was diabetic b4 they even finished my 6 hour fasting tests, my blood draws were 1 every 45 minutes for 6 hours. I had all the symptoms, UNCONTROLLABLE thirst, & was getting no sleep due to the fact I was up all nights drinking water with no relief. The main thing is if you are overweight, LOOSE IT, it possibly can reverse symptoms. Also please remember, if it’s in your family there is little you can do. Eat healthy & EXERCISE. Unfortunately my exercise is what is hardest 4 me, being in a wheelchair I’m limited to weights & my gardening, which bot I can do from my chair. Best of luck & all will be fine.
I also suggest ( if your not a healthy eater you MUST CHANGE!! Any carbohydrates turn into sugar, watch out for anything such as bread, pasta, etc. Best wishes & STAY HEALTHY!!!

I’m type 2 diabetic. LADA is, according to my quick research, more like type 1 in that it’s an autoimmune disorder. It’s important that when they test that they find antibodies if they diagnose you with LADA. From the sounds of it, it looks like LADA can be diagnosed before you are at the point of having to take insulin as it seems to be a slow progressing form of autoimmune diabetes. If diagnosed with it or type 2 first breathe, you can live with this just fine, you’ll just have to make adjustments. Second, inform yourself on your diagnosis, and become a full partner in your care. Don’t be a spectator or compliant bystander to your medical team. Make them explain everything till you’re satisfied.

I just got the look from my Dr. that I need to get my eating habits under control or I will be a diabetic. I’ve been warned B4 for years. But at 67 I NEED to get it under control and keep it that way. So my journey started last week and I’m feeling motivated like never B4. So wish me luck!

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