Menstrual Tracker (periods, PMS, fertility)

I would like to see a PMS tracker. Start and stop Flow chart for that. I track my wife’s and daughters to help them with telling their doctors. But you all dot have one.

I was going to ask about a period tracker because I currently use a separate app to track dates and symptons related tovissuea I have, but tha ability to add and customize a tracker might attainvthe same goal.


Very related to plenty of female health issues.

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I agree with you

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some features id suggest would be to keep it simple but cover all health related angles like all the other trackers:

when you started

when you stopped

how heavy it was

number of days between each cycle since different girls can have a different period of time between each cycle and one thats too short or too long is abnormal

ability to compare to mood log side by side or overlapping would be nice bc then you can see when your pre menstrual symptoms start

also when your pms starts