I had a moment of weakness and went off all my meds, and for me that’s a no no… well it took like 4 days and I finally came around went to doctor, n re adjusted meds and started them agian. Now, I’m I’ll all the time. Morning to night… we can’t get me adjusted agian n it’s taken its toll knowing i did this to myself.


I have been there and am currently off meds even knowing I shouldn’t be sometimes. I currently started taking some vitamins and started walking 10 minutes a day and I have been coping with stressors differently. Finding the right “cocktail” of medications can be difficult. I hope you find the right adjustment that makes you feel better.
Good to see you using this app to vent.


Sometime you go through moments don’t feel bad pray and ask God to heal you my husband went off of his medicine one time


Good luck just watch what you take and read up on them before you do take them check all the aide effects and the interactions because trust me there’s always there not telling you God bless and praying for us all

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Yeah make sure you do take vitamins sometimes they will help just research and find them while you are off other medicines.

L.Kham Cummings