Meds and Family

I hated taken my meds. I felt like I would be fine with out them. I soon learned from my parents that I needed to take them since it effect my health. Also if I didn’t take my meds I acted like a different person. I wouldn’t listen and I always fought with them more then normal. We soon found out that my mom had diabetes and she had to take even more meds. She also has to watch her blood sugar. With me not taking my meds it would drive her blood pressure up, and you can tell that wasn’t a good thing. The other problem was my dad. His arm shakes and when he gets really mad it would shake even more witch wasn’t good. I would drive the mad. It was all because I wasn’t taken my meds regularly. I ended up getting depression, witch I was put on depression meds. It was a mess when I had to take my meds. I would hid them and my parents would find them. They would get so pissed off it wasn’t funny. I ended talking to my some of my friends and they talked to me about what was going on. When I told them they understood alot about why I was always fighting with my parents. They told me that it wasn’t good that I wasn’t taken my meds, and if I kept that up I would probably have more problems later on. Now that I am 15 I have been changing my ways. With this app it helps me by letting me know what I need to take my meds. I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me over the years.


I am 65 and I still don’t like talking my meds, but I now realize I would be all alone with no friends or family around. No pun intended, but meds are neccessary evil if you intend to half way decent life. I didn’t start soon enough and I have lost 2 children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I am very grateful for the wonderful husband the Lord has blessed me with.
I pray that you get your life turned around soon. God bless you always.


I am so sorry. I am glad that we both learned from our mistakes. All we can hope for is the future to be better.


Unfortunately, meds can be a necessary evil. I hate taking pills also. But, I learned the hard way, that I feel much better, and others like me better, when I take my meds. I am 61, and have been permanently on medication since January 2000. 20+ years.

It ain’t fun. But, I take (what seems like) a hand full of pills morning and night.
Like I said my body and brain both work better when I take my meds.
God bless you. Take care of yourself, and God will take care of you.