I am trying to get off caffeine and only take over the counter meds for my migraine right now which have caffeine in them. Any suggestions?

I suffer with migraine headaches to seems to mean like everything they prescribe for me did not help me much over the counter medicine did not help so now I’m taking this medicine Fioricet that’s the only thing that will help my migraine headache I know when I take it in 30 minutes it goes away but if it does not go away in 30 minutes I know it’s a stress headache but that’s the only medicine that will help my body with my migraine but all the other medicine they prescribe for me does not help no pain or anything so maybe you need to try some Fioricet maybe that might help you I pray and everything turns out for the best

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That’s what I take as well

It is very good for migraine

I believe it has caffeine in it too.

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Most meds for migraines have a certain amount of caffeine in them. It helps to get rid of the migraines.

It may be worth visiting your healthcare provider. Coming off caffeine can be hard when you have Migraine, but in the long term it can really help your pain levels. There are prescription medications you can use to help stop a Migraine attack (including some new ones that are just coming out now!). Your doctor can also help you tailor a taper plan so that you don’t have to do it cold turkey!

If you’re unable to see a doctor, over the counter medication with caffeine isn’t the end of the world. Just monitor your use to help prevent your attacks from becoming worse or and/or resistant to treatment. Try to not use it more than 2 days a week.

Hope this helps!

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Yes that medicine is a heavy narcotic drug that’s why some of the primary doctors cannot really write that prescription because people get addicted to it my primary doctor cannot write it anymore I have to get it from the emergency room when I go for a bad migraine headache that’s the only place I can get that Fioricet

I’m finding the following has been helping decrease the number of migraines per month.
The cefaly device which has 2 settings One is used each day to cut down the frequency, the second is to help you during a migraine.
The second is the monthly self injection Emgality (Aimivig also works).

Rizatriptan has been very helpful. And ammo Big Shots month for have had big Improvement

Have you tried a Nero doctor about the migraines? I’m seeing one for mine.

I have Toradol tablets (major anti inflammatory med) and Phenergan tablets (anti nausea med) that I use when I have a migraine. They are just 2 out of 3 parts of what my doctors office calls a migraine “cocktail”. My doctor has even told me that if the pills don’t work to stop the migraine I can go to his office and a nurse can give me an injection of all 3 parts of the migraine cocktail instead of going to the ER, which saves me a TON of money. All 3 parts of the migraine “cocktail” are Toradol, Phenergan, and Benadryl. If my doctors office is closed or its after hours I can also go to the ER and ask for this migraine cocktail.

My sister has even worse migraines than I do and swears by the migraine “cocktail” I described. She also gets Botox (about every 3 to 6 months) to help reduce the number of migraines she gets a month. She had to fight her insurance pretty hard to get it approved, but now they even pay for her to get the Botox.

The problem here is tricky. In order to prevent migraines you need to avoid anything that contains caffeine. BUT, if you are actually having a migraine ingesting caffeine may help make It go away! Does this help at all! Good luck. Stay safe.

I have chronic migraines, and my doctor had me get off caffeine a while ago. And since I had been drinking coffee for years and I know I am very very susceptible to migraines when I don’t have it, she had me seen off of caffeine EXTREMELY slowly, I’m talking an eight of a cup every few weeks. And she said that yes, it is a little ridiculous to go that slowly, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I have had migraines since going through menopause, I did shots, pills and finally last year my new neurologist put me on Gabapentin as a preventive, what a life saver this drug has been, I have not had a serious migraine since being put on Gabapentin.