Medications for seizure control

My wife has had epilepsy for 60 years. For at lesst the last 17 years she has been on Dilantin which has pretty much controlled the seizures. For the last 10 or so years she has developed a serious case of dementia with total memory loss. Last Aug. We we told by her Dr. That the dilatin probly caused the dimentia. All this time other meds. Were available. I like to here any comments sbout this. Thanks, George

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That’s horrible! I don’t take that med and now I am glad I don’t. I take lamotrogine and vimpat. And gabapentin. What did her doc say about whether there could be improvements now that she’s off that med?

T,h,c, are the best ! sounds like it would help. Js.

Yeah THC is probably the best because it doesn’t have any side affects, but the problem here in Florida it’s so expensive for the people on disability like me. It’s not worth having to jump through hoops and by the time your able to retrieve your medicine you are broke and you can’t pay for it.

First you have to pay $199.00 for the first doctors visit to go on a waiting list for 6 months, your prescription, and your temporary Patient ID number.

Second you have to send in another $100.00 for the Medical Marijuana ID card, then you only have a prescription for your medication.

By the time you get it you’ll need to renew your prescription by seeing the doctor again which is another $100.00.

The Medical Marijuana isn’t good for a year and you’ll have to keep renewing it and the prescription isn’t even good for a year. There’s always something you have to paying and if you have limited income like I do and have illnesses that are incurable and I’m in a lot of pain and it’s eventually ends in fatality it’s not fare to the people like me that are at the mercy of the government making it impossible obtain because they are trying to make a profit off us sick people.

I refuse to go through that, I rather buy a bottle of alcohol in the liquor store for $25.00 instead of going through the disappointment, stress and aggravation of trying to get the Medical Marijuana

That is the way it is in Florida anyway! It’s sickening to see the government do this to sick people! It’s just as bad as when I worked in nursing homes and hospitals when was able to work!

I was on Dilantin for a while but then my seizures actually got worse. Dilantin has a tendency to cause stress on neuro stimulators causing the brain to deteriorate, or even malfunction such as worsening seizures. Dr.s dont really recommended Dilantin anymore because of the countless lawsuits resulting from prescribing it. I take Lamotrigine and Topirimate now for mine and it even helps with headaches.

Get a lawyer!!! They literally took away the best part of her. As we get older and not as active as u used to b, it’s our memories that make us smile or laugh. They give us moments of being young again. The doctor that prescribed them had to know this. Very nonchalantly tell her current Dr. You need a written diagnosis and then get a LAWYER. She deserves compensation. At least she can b spoiled the rest of her days. Your story breaks my heart. Give her a hug for me

I’m on Keppra for seizure control. I started having serious seizures a few months after I lost my grandma in 2011. Dr.'s can’t figure out why I have them. One neurologist said he believes their caused by extreme stress. It causes me to have a kind of amnesia? after I have one. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this

I’ve had seizures since 1989. I’m 47yrs old now & I’ve had 3 different neurologists during the years. One of those Dr’s put me on Kepra & Topiramate. I was having memory loss past 6yrs & got to the point that I had to have my father go with me to every appt I had so that he can remember the info that was given to me & also so that he can tell Dr’s about my medical history. I kept telling Dr that my memory was getting really severe & I was getting scared because I thought I was getting dementia at a young age. Dr took me off Topiramate because she said that med causes memory loss. Since coming off Topiramate I feel so much better & ny memory loss has gotten way better. I still have it but has gone down 75%. I wish I would’ve known that med caused that much of an effect a long time ago. So I can relate what your wife must’ve been going through.

My seizures came on by stress from an abusive marriage. I have different types of seizures… Grand mal & the "staring " one (I forgot the name of those) but those kind I’ll be sitting down usually & when I come out of it I feel like I have amnesia. I can’t remember much of what happened