Medications for Multiple Conditions

Hi I have many mental health issues for which I take many medications. I suffer from severe anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, and past substance abuse issues. For the anxiety and panic attacks, I take Klonopin three times a day. For the ADHD, I take Adderall XR. For the substance abuse(which was an opiate addiction two or three years ago); I take Suboxone. I forgot to mention that I also suffer from mild depression. For that, I take Abilify. Just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone else is on a similar regimen. Thank you.


I take several of the same medications that you take. I take Cymbalta for depression, Abilify to help the anti-depressant, Buspar (I was taking Klonopine), and Ritalin for ADD. I also take Hydrocodone for chronic low back pain. I also take Carbodopa/Levodopa for Parkinson’s Disease. Not to mention a couple other medications for low thyroid function.


It’s good to know someone out there is on a similar group of meds. I find it interesting that you’re able to tolerate buspar. I felt very strange on that medication. My family thought it made me worse, but I think it’s great if you can find something to get you off Klonopin and it doesn’t have too many side effects. The only medication that helped my anxiety(other than Klonopin) was Lamictal(lamotrigine). It’s an anticonvulsant mood stabilizer that worked pretty well until I started having skin issues. After that, I gave up and went back to Klonopin. I’ll probably be on it the rest of my life, although I recently heard of a drug in clinical trials called zuranolone, which has potential because it acts on the same receptors.

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I have a lot of different health issues that I take an ungodly amount of meds for. To name some of my issues bi-polar, anxiety, lupus, congestive heart failure, hypertension, chronic pain… just to name some of the ones I take some of the big meds for. I understand the importance of finding the right ones and ones that “play nice together”. Thaler care and gentle hugs. ❤️

I bet you do have to take quite a few medications for those conditions. I’m sorry to hear you have them although you seem in good spirits. Are you feeling okay and do they have your meds dialed in right?

Yes I’m feeling fine! Great in fact. Thanks.
Yes my meds are dialed in right. It took some doing. Especially with the psych meds. But all has been ok for years. Thank you and be safe!