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Hi, two issues. First, a single medication might have different doses at different times. Seizure control medication is a good example of this. Second, when you take a dose, it would be great if that was recorded in the calendar. Why? For multiple reasons. I might record other informal on the calendar like getting sick or symptoms and having it in one place is very helpful. Second, the medication has the notion of morning or evening doses for instance but I want to know the exact time taken. Again, anti convulsants are tracked via time. So when I say the dose is taken, it makes more sense to use the current time as the time taken rather than the preset time. Yes, I can edit the time taken, but that seems like an extra step not needed.

Please consider such enhancements.


Hi @jklein—Thanks for sharing your suggestions here!

Currently, to track the same med with different doses, add the med separately and note the dose amount.

To share your ideas on a different way to track these kinds of meds, feel free to post in the related topic below:

To share ideas for having the app mark the exact time a med was taken, please visit this topic:

I’d love to understand more about the “Calendar” suggestion. In addition to the Medication SCHEDULE calendar, would you also like your med tracking history to be added to the Calendar module that’s located in the “More” tab?

Thanks again!

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I will look at those threads. For the calendar idea, are you saying that the schedule is a calendar that can be exported? Basically we use google calendar currently to track doses given to our daughter. We also on the same calendar write down other things like sore throats, etc. it would be nice to do that here in one single calendar view

For the current time taken, I m suggesting that is the default or an option to be the default. Maybe most people don’t care to know if it was five or five thirty, but for some patients it is needed.

Thanks for such a fast reply,

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Hi Jonathan—Thank you for your reply and for sharing more details!

I definitely understand how adding the med doses to a calendar would be helpful for you. There aren’t plans to merge the Medication Schedule and Calendar module together, but would being able to view/print/export a record of meds taken (name, dose, date, time) be helpful? If so, please feel free to support the idea in the topic below:

I have noted your suggestion to improve the feature around marking the time a med was taken. Adding a reply to the related topic for this will also be a huge help in letting our team know!

I appreciate you sharing how we can help more. Please keep in touch if I can help further in any way.

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  1. Definitely adding the time taken when checking is a great enhancement.
  2. As for the difference between the schedule and the calendar seems honestly to me not really helpful. While I can sync my calendar with my iPad calendar, I can’t do that for the schedule. So to me the schedule seems worthless. My opinion.
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Oh yes yes yes! I have had to say or write too many times,
“I’m sorry that this ____ is late.
The reason I procrastinate
Is that I have no sense of time…
Except in rhythm and in rhyme.”
Those who know me agree.

And so the time I take a med is seldom even approximately the scheduled time. It may be an hour early or eight hours late. I’ve been trying to note this in the Journal, but I often don’t remember to, and once or twice I’ve recorded the cat’s meds in my journal or vice versa.*


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