Medication Adherence Report & History

Hello, is there a way to print out the ‘taken history’ of a particular medication? Especially one in the ‘as needed’ category. Thanks.


That would be really helpful


Is there a report if what actual meds were taken and at what time? Some of my meds are “as needed”. It would be nice if my Dr could see when I actually take those pills - or match when I take a certain pill to differences in vitals.

(Took this pill at 2pm - at 4pm my blood pressure and pulse were lower).

Or vise versa - forgot to take this pill - look what happened to that particular vital…

My Dr already knows my meds and schedule - she doesn’t know what I actually take any when… is there a report for this?


Yes. There is a part that list. I have it at the time I take it. Skip is if decide not to I can hit skipped

Thanks - I know I can take as directed - or skip. Was looking for a report that shows that a activity

Hi @JHoppy—I’m sorry, the app currently doesn’t offer a report for medication adherence.

I think this is a great idea and have moved your post to the Suggestion & Ideas category. I apologize that the feature is not available at this time.

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I do this all the time when I take a med significantly before or after the scheduled time. After I check the box for “took it” at the beginning of the line, I click the pencil icon at the end of it. I correct the time to the nearest hour, half, or quarter; if necessary, I change AM to PM or vice versa, usually BEFORE changing the hour:minute by clicking that indicator, so I don’t forget to do it.

Often there’s more than 1 med needing the same correction-- I have 10 meds scheduled for 10am, pills that I set up in a 7-day box-- so I start with “Take all”, then correct the times, individually of course because I can’t go it for the group. I recite the steps under my breath as I go through them for each med (e.g., “PM, 12, 15, done, check✔”), then scroll the list of necessary to get back to the scheduled time.

I hope this helps you.

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