Medical marijuana

I live in CT I have not tried it I’ve had a major back surgery I am thinking about asking my Dr for script but I had friends take it it was very expensive n lots of paperwork

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I don’t know the rules in Connecticut bit in Colorado there’s a little known rule that allows people on disability or very low income to recieve a MMJ card for free or little cost. I would suggest asking your doctor how much if anything they know about the state’s MMJ program and if that’s an option for you.



I forgot to mention in Colorado just having a MMJ card gives you a lot of cost savings by reducing the amount of tax you pay for the marijuana. So if you know that it will save you enough money then it may be worth it to not look to hard at cost assistance for the MMJ card itself. Again I don’t know how the CT MMJ program works but with since research things hopefully will work out in your benefit.


Thx for the info I used to live in golden co! Also Arvada nice to meet u I’m Susan yes I will check into it I don’t want to b on opiates the rest of my life I’ve had total knee replacement triple bypass complete spinal fusion I will be going for surgery April as I broke two bars in my back yes I have a lot of pain and I want to get out of it


If you’d like I’ll ship you a bottle of CBD oil that my friend makes, heck he even does custom flavored bottles. I got a bottle of chocolate orange which is rather good. I barely notice the CBD taste when I take it. If you go with a strong flavor like spearmint you could probably cover the aftertaste of even 1200mg CBD. If this is an idea you’d like to pursue then let’s take it out of this forum since I don’t want you to publicly list an address here for safety sake. My email if you’d like to talk futher is


Well I’m assuming your on disability it took awhile

I dont live in a zzz’s" legal " state but I do it &IT HELPS Bur don’t buy herb. Use THC oil, you smoke it that filled with it, VAPE it


Chocolate orange??? Sounds delish!!! Lol

vaping CBD will cause bad headaches

Hi Jeff, this is 87% pure THC That I’m vaping. Not CBD. No headaches at all & I’m now also able to eat some, soups, broth & such. But b4 I was so nauseous from the pain I only had a bite of whatever when my sugar got in the 50’s
I have a friend from CA & stocks me up when he comes in town. It worked better than ANY pharmaceutical I have taken

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You don’t need a script from your doctor, there are pot stores everywhere. Just explain what you need it for and they will steer you in the right direction.

I have tried CBD oil did nothing for me

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It was worth any of the paperwork. I was prscribed 35 vicodin (before all the rules) a day and THC saved my life.


Try canna river you can get it online and it’s legal

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Ive vaped b4, no problem here

Uhhh, im in Texas no mmm stores here!

I don’t know what State you are in, but here in California you can just go to the pot store and buy it.

Oh you are in CT, well yes ask your Doctor for a script. It is well worth it. Just tell the people exactly what you need it for and they should set you up. Good luck, out here it’s costly but I don’t know if the prices are different. ☺️

Well, it depends on where you’re living and where you’re buying stuff. I have the very same issue but my budget doesn’t suffer because of medical marijuana. I just know where to find a good stuff for a low price. I buy it from the Brooklyn, NY Medical Marijuana Delivery Service - not only they sell it for a decent price, they also deliver it right to my front door. And considering the fact that I have some health issues, this is perfect for me. I don’t need to travel far for this stuff.