Massage and fibromyalgia

My pain, along with allergies and asthma, has been awful. What about y’all?

I have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and pain has been awful lately.

I tried massage because doctor, pain management and myself thought it would be beneficial.

She first tried soft touch and getting to know my body. She said everywhere was has spasms, and I would be in awful pain within 30 min afterwards, then into 3-4 days

This is crazy and SUCKS ASS

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I know with my fibromyalgia and neuropathy if the weather is cold I hurt sooo bad ,it if the weather is changing .I don’t know if this helps and I’m sorry you are in so much pain

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Thank you! Yes weather and wind are making differences. Light and hugs your way

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I do not have fibromyalgia but have Osteoarthritis all over my body, plus asthma. It is no walk in the park. Weather changes, wind, and even forgetting my posture can set my pain off in a hurry.
Hope all are well. Gentel hugs.

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Thank you and gentle hugs back

Hi, I’m Rozzanna and I have lived with just about every pain in the book. My son damaged my spine over 45 years ago . And with each year, more nerve are being damaged. Has any one tried a tens machine? Fifteen mins give me four to five hours of less pain, then as the pain start to come bace use a spray call Max Freeze (I live for that, ahhhhh). Continue use slows the affect, that is why I do the tens first. I get mind at Wal-Mart, but told most drug stores has it. Really work.


I’ll talk to her herbalist about file my arthritis he said it is set off by your hormones being out of Balance you may want to talk to a doctor about your hormones and see about getting your fiomalagia in check see a herbalist he has help alot i am loosing weight and in less pain with my fiomaligia

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So sorry about your injury 😢 I am sending light your way! Glad you get some relief

It’s so awesome you get some help AND LOSE WEIGHT!?! I have gained 10 lbs and don’t know why

If your hormones are out of balance that cause you to gain weight and your medcation can cause to gain weight

Thank you so much!!