Marked medications showing as "missed"

I mark all my doses. I’m on a lot of medicine so I need to know. I mark them and then I go back to see when I took the last pill and what I marked before is gone. Please help or I am going to have to stop depending on your app altogether and I really like it but it’s not even doing the easiest thing.


I’ve Taken ALL My Medicine


Hi @Aecates—I’m sorry to hear that your medications are not saving as taken. The Suggestions & Ideas category is for sharing new ideas for CareZone, so I’ve moved your post to the FAQs & Tips community.

I’m happy to help troubleshoot and direct you to the right place for help!

It sounds like you might be experiencing a connectivity issue with the app. Please try the steps below:

1- Before using the app, first connect to a solid and reliable WiFi connection.
2- Mark a medication as taken in your Medication Schedule tab.
3- Allow the app some time to sync the new info. (For example, keep the app open and remain on the Schedule screen until your info updates).
4- If you still have issues, sign out of the app and sign back in. Then follow steps 1 and 2 above.

Still need help? Send screenshots of your Medication Schedule to showing what you see while marking your medications—and what you see after.

If needed, here’s a link to instructions for taking screenshots:

We are here to help if you have any other questions!


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I had the same problem too! I would mark the meds as taken, but it either unmarked what I already marked as taken or it just went bonkers and I had to remark my taken meds again and again, sometimes I had to remark them 2-4 times in a day! I think one of their updates finally fixed that though, coz I’m not having to remark them multiple times as before now…Thank God! lol And thank you CareZone Team for all your help and support to our Community! 👍

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I’m happy to hear the issue was resolved, @CherT808! Depending on your network connection, the app may need some time to update any changes made (like when marking medications).

If you run into the issue again, try the steps in the comment above. If you’re using an Android device, you can also refresh the app by tapping “Home” (bottom left) and the refresh icon (circular icon at the top right). This ensures all your data is saved and updated.

Thank you for all you do to support the Community as well! We appreciate you!


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Tyvm Ivy, we really appreciate all of you too! 💗🌈🌺😎

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I had looked at my meds schedule back to Jan. And found one med missing. I had forgot to enter a refill. After I updated the med with new refill info. All taken meds are missing in Match and back. HELP!

Hi @June! It sounds like there may be a connectivity issue with your device. Would you please try the steps listed toward the top of this post to troubleshoot your issue?

This link should also take you to the instructions:

If you still have issues after trying these instructions, please email screenshots of the missing medications showing in your app to Make sure to mention the issue or reference this community post so our support specialist can investigate.

Feel free to reply to me if I may help with any other questions!

Take care, —Ivy