Mark exact time med was taken

It would be useful to see the time a medication was actually taken.


Hello! You can view a history of when your meds are taken in the app. Here’s how:

1- Tap the Medications module.
2- Tap the SCHEDULE tab.
3- Tap any day from the calendar at the top to view the times your meds were taken on that day.

If you were looking for the ability to generate or print a report of all meds taken (for example, per week/month/etc), this feature is not yet available—but it has been requested! Feel free to share your support for a med history report in this topic:

If you have any questions, reply to this post or send us an Inbox message anytime.

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I see the schedule time when I follow your instructions but I do not see the actual time. (I.e. -a medication scheduled at 8 am but actually taken at 8:30 am)

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Thanks for replying!

When you mark a scheduled med as taken, the app will mark it as taken for the time scheduled. You can always edit this info if you took the med outside of the scheduled time. Here’s a link to instructions below:

Feel free to reply here if you’re having issues editing your times or need help with something else!

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I think OP was saying it would be nice when we hit taken if the ap automatically recorded the time we hit taken. Then we can see patterns in how we take our meds. What days we take it a bit early or when we take it late. See the time difference between when were scheduled to take it and when we actually did. A good example of this is my noon meds. Somedays I am out and about and forgot to take them with me when I left so I end up taking them hours after the scheduled time and it would be nice to be able to see how many ttimes this happens and if it is the same day each week. Also be nice if there could be reports or charts that could be generated from the time schedule vs time taken.

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I agree with this. I take rx pain meds as needed and it’d be good to track when I take it bc it’s not on a regular schedule.

The checked off meds are not always saved. I have to revisit the day’s schedule multiple times to eliminate missed meds.

Please make a better effort to be sure the app is convenient and works as intended. You seen to be creating more bugs than you fix.