Make med schedule more accessible

We should not have to hit med schedule on a second screen to acess our schedules. Can you fix?


I’m in agreement. Its frustrating

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This should be an easy fix!

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I am not saying that I can fix it. The programmers should it

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That’s what I’m agreeing with your statement

Hi @Phil99—Thanks for the suggestion!

The Medication module features both your med list and med schedule, which are organized by tabs for easy access to either.

If you use your med schedule often, the app should remain on the SCHEDULE tab as long as you don’t force close the app.

Feel free to share more details if we could make this feature easier for you!

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I don’t know if this is something where I’m supposed to put this but Im new here.
I can’t figure out how to switch from one person to another. I need to put my husband’s and my meds in here. So I can keep up with dosages and if we took it.
Do I need to install another be app for another be person. Thanks.
If I get it figured out this will be wonderful.

Hi @Shirleym! Here’s instructions for adding a new profile to your existing CareZone account:

You can add as many profiles as you’d like to the app you already have installed on your device. :)

For future questions, feel free to send us an Inbox message or email so our team can help!

Thank you!

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