Hi I’m new to this sight I had a tia oct 19 my doctors keeping a eye on me she keeping a track
On my blood pressure it was a small one they say
I’m ok slight memory problems but there getting


I’m Gladys. I know what you’re going through. I’ve had several of those and some of my family is still in denial especially my baby sister. We’re so close as a matter of fact we stay together. She tells people that I had a nervous break down but I do have papers that my doctor gave me and also I have been in the hospital for it but what I don’t understand is that they never said where the blood Clog was but I have lots of memory lost. I sometimes forget get how to spell small words and sometimes my family tells me something and I will wait a few minutes and I will ask them about it just a few minutes later because I my mind didn’t process it. I can’t even stay by myself because I have failing down several times so I try to fit in but it’s not easy. Even my kids don’t even talk very long. I don’t cook much so I clean up and my sister do the cooking for the most part. So I say to you if I don’t know you we’re in thing together besides God being there to pick us up 🙏. It’s not easy but God keeps on blessing us to help others this is way this topic is so important to me. I don’t usually talk this long but I have to talk to someone else who experience as you do like I do

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Thank you for talking. I’m going to see my cardiologist in a couple days

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You’re if I can be of any help to you and you to me I would appreciate it

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Hi. I had my first TIA 12/9/2019. I was admitted to the hospital and was there for a week after finding I had 2 blood clots- one in my neck and one in my brain. I’ve been on blood thinners since. In the hospital I had a total of 3 TIAs and have not had any since. But I have noticed my left hand isn’t as strong as my right anymore. I still have full functionality but a little weaker. I hope the best for you!