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I went through windshield in 94 I had a fusion to my lower lumbar in 2006 I’ve had headaches since 94 consistent every morning which is basically waking up with migraine have been going and doing the botox every 3 months and a shot every month it’s helping a least to keep it at Bay so I can function I’ve been having problems with my back again so they did some nerve Burns but i not all of them took so they asked for me to have another MRI of my lower lumbar with contrast the report I guess went out and my orthopedic doctor called me and said that he wants me to pick up the disc and bring it to my appointment which is never good I really do not need to have him say that we are going to have to fuse the two discs above the other Fusion to help with my pain all I want is something that keeps me functional and keeps the pain at Bay I understand sooner or later I’ll need to have that surgery but I’m not ready for it now especially with me finding out that my knee screwed up and that they’re going to have to go in there and do some cleaning for there is a cyst that is leaking a tendon tear tear on both sides and something else just seems I’m broken down and every time I turn around something else is falling apart I have PTSD and seasonal depression this just has not been good and for those around me who don’t understand it because you don’t look like you’re actually hurt
well it gets on their nerves and I can’t blame them, I hope y’all can help with some ideas for my anxiety is through the roof looking for comfort and support.


Have you tried a chiropractor


I understand lower back pain I have a bulge disc pressing on the nerves of my spine hurts like hell and my left knee has no cartlege so it hurts. My doctor gave me pain medication but I too will eventually need surgery. Depression anxiety has set in so I use relaxing music and my dog to get through the day

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Im so sorry to hear that you had a very bad accident, I am going through some of the same issues that you are, and my family doesn’t really fully understand why I’m in so much pain and why my anxiety is through the roof not to mention the deep depression, all the doctor’s appointments. My migraines have subsided for the most part at least for now.
I had to stoo working due to my back problems my doctor had wanted me to quit many years ago but as you should know it’s very hard to get by with just one person’s uncome, so u continued to work for about 5 years no it wasn’t easy driving a school bus with my back problems, bit I kept on up until I couldn’t handle the pain , whild having thos job there’s no way that you can take anything for pain as in narcotics due to the safety of the kids and myself… so I had to resign from my job back in 2010 ,since then things have gotten worse I now have degenerating bones in my back, sciatica issues pinched nerves and both knees arent doing so good, I have a lot of arthritis through my body the doctor has wanted to do a fusion on me but would be in the l2,3,4 and 5 also s3,4,and 5, but im scared to have that done. I have had a laminectomy done back in 2008 but it didn’t relly help. The pain doctor now said he wants to put something inbetween my disc’s to open the spots back upbut before he does this he scheduled me for 3 different dates foe shots in my back.
I havent been able to do this as of yet do to my husband loosing hos job of 31 years and that means no health insurance for now , he has found another job within 3 days but there’s the waiting period before he can get insurance there… times have been very rough for us but we are trying our best to make thimgs work out although it’s not easy. I also have a surgion that I have to see at least once a ywar or more, and he had scheduled me to have 4 scopes done to check on my stomach and a few other things, I have had one done, but won’t be able to do the others until we get health insurance… there’s more i could say but I have probably said enough at least for now. I hope that you can get your migraines to go away and feel better soon, prayers for you…


Acour I totally get what your saying. PTSD is difficult for others to understand. We never know when we may be triggered. I take meds and keep up with a psychologist who specializes in PTSD and he explained how pain affects our mental health. I am scheduled to receive another shot in my back then will be scheduled for the ablation. I wish that would help you. Have you tried EMDR therapy? Shop around for a psychologist who can do that. You can Google EMDR to see if you would be interested.