Looking for advice: Heart attack and stroke at 49

Hi all my name is Stephanie i recently had s heart attack followed by a stroke. At 49. Left side deficiency. Any suggestions on how to improve?

My husband had a stroke in 2011. The most important thing in my opinion…THERAPY!! He did not go to therapy like he should have, did not follow the therapist’s instructions. My husband’s left side was also compromised.
I highly suggest taking therapy very seriously…physical, occupational, even speech for cognitive issues. Best of luck to you!


I too had a stroke at 49 with left side deficiencies. I have improved so much since that day. I’m even driving again! The biggest advice I could give anybody would be to not give up and keep weight-bearing on your left Side weaknesses. Also, some of the problems can be neurological and that would be something to speak with your neurologist about.

Hi Tessie,
While I’ve had no heart attacks, like you, I had a stroke when I was 49 that left me with Lefrdeficiencies. I wear an AFO, but recently got out of it because I am able to lift my foot up from the heel. My doctor told me that since I could do that it was time that I was weaned off of the AFO and I now wear an ankle brace which is so much better than the AFO. As far as the left arm deficiencies I wish I had some helpful suggestions but unfortunately I do not.I wish I had some more advice for you but I don’t. If you should learn anything new please let me know and I will do the same for you. Thank you and good luck, Margie