Living with Schizoaffective disorder and bipolar one


Hello. Just trying to,see if anyone else has this disease…I also have PTSD and anxiety disorder…
I was molested at 10 by my step father and a priest at 15. People in high school raped,me and I was on,my own in the east coast. So my choices were not good bit I had no support from my family except for my mother sending me bibles etc which at that time I threw them out…now I go to,mass and am invoked in the faith.
Please if anyone has any of these difficulties like these. Thank you.


My daughter struggles with PTSD, anxiety and depression. I know counseling has helped her tremendously!! She has a strong family support system though - I am sorry you don’t that that - and a strong faith support system.


Hi. I mostly do things alone unless some women from the senior center go to church with me. So far 2 women have started going to,mass with me.
I,have,my,other two,sons and a friend of 33 years who supports me from WA state.
So I’m,not totally alone.
And I do have a strong faith.
Thanks for your response
What does your daughter do for her problems? Maybe I could learn something?


She did biofeedback but didn’t think that helped much.

Her therapist / counselor gave her things to do - she doesn’t share all that with me - such as journaling including the good things she could see, and tracking her mood daily.

I know this isn’t a lot but I hope it helps a little.


I forget to journal…I,think that helps me…I will start doing that…thanks Kathy


Hi… Just curious…have you and your daughter ever talked about what might be causing her PTSD? I Know when I lived in Washington state I realized what all,my PTSD stemmed from.

It doesn’t go away its good to have a safety plan in,place…like what she likes to hold maybe a stuffed or real animal.does she like to listen to,music? Does she like to swim or read? Does she have any favorite games online…sometime that can be fun! Maybe go to the,movies or library. You can rent movies and he’s at most libraries. Can she go to a zoo or aquarium? I can think,of lots to do if she’s up for it… Or maybe you could go with her…
My problem is I don’t like to do things alone.
I’m,going to start water aerobics at a center soon. I,just got a swim suit and going to go see the movie Dumbo that just came out…asked if,my granddaughter and grandsons could go with the daughter in law and me but she didn’t think the kids could sit through it
They won’t let me take my 6 year old grandaug b tee anywhere or watch the kids as they think I’m crazy.
Which I’m not…
Anyway I hope some of that can help your daughter. Also there are hundreds of safe places to volunteer like a hospital, humane society with the animals …
Anyway I hope some of this can help your daughter.


Thank you for the helpful suggestions. We do know the source of the PTSD. My daughter is an adult now and a nurse. She has worked through a lot of the effects of PTSD with help from her counselor. Now as a nurse with a psychology minor, she knows it never goes away and, as much as possible, she avoids her triggers. She also has a dog that has helped her a lot. She is also an aunt and the unconditional love from her nephew is great therapy - and soon to have a second nephew. I am sorry your family doesn’t allow this for you. My daughter also finds that comedy helps as well. As I mentioned she also journals which has helped her see her improvements over time, and what has helped over time. When she does have to deal with a trigger, ahe has learned to go to her ‘safe place’ of what has worked in the past.
Thank you again for your great suggestions. I hope you can find that unconditional love and what ‘safe place’ works best for you when you have to encounter triggers.


I had a great dog of 6 years and when I came to Nebraska I couldn’t keep her so I,miss her a lot…when I would cry ahe would lick my tears. She was a big golden dog…I am trying to do better …


Hang in there!! Stay on here if you are feeling worse because it helps to talk with people who understand what you are thinking.


Thanks so,much!


I am so sorry you had to face such overwhelming pain, it’s horrible. But can tell u r so strong. Much stronger than u think. Your here. You survived. Yes, from ur post I can tell it left some serious scars. It would have made most people give up. But u have regained ur faith…not sure I could have done that. I talk to Jesus in my, what the hell days. God seems so overwhelming for me. How do I cope? I never liked anyone or anything control me. And I remind myself that neither is this BS (Bipolar, severe depression, I literally never leave my house except to go the doctor. I grocery shop on line, other needs I buy at Amazon bcause they deliver. Boyfriend picks up scripts. It’s crazy. I have had a brand new car and in a year I’ve put 4000 miles on it. But I try to keep on keeping on. What else can we do. Right. Ur not alone there r alot of us out there…lol
Glad u found us. Welcome


Hi.,just got this message. Its midnight in Omaha Nebraska…I just got off the phone with my only friend from WASHINGTON state. We have been friends for 33 years. He said he’s going to come visit soon. And I can go out there on the 4th of July…my son now only sends me pictures of the kids.and a one liner text. Same with,his wife. She asked how I was doing in this 95 degree heat. I told her I was ok. She said that’s great and that’s the end of both conversations for the whole day…its really hard being alone everyday. Thus past winter I ordered my food from whole foods Amazon delivery…I don’t like to stay in the house all day alone but with my meds I can’t get overheated so I can’t stay out in the heat very long…the senior center is sketchy. All the people are ten or 20 years older than me and infermed…they can’t go swimming or work out on a machine in the gym etc. So I’m going to have to start all,over with this new community center…Krok center… Going to go swimming there tomorrow morning…trying to get a scholarship for half price…hope you are feeling ok tonight. Its rough not having anyone to do anything with…I,just keep praying and try to keep my spirits up…its not easy…thanks so,much for writing. It made me feel better to know someone cares…thank you again and God bless you!💝