Living with Bradycardia

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Hi my name is Kimberly and I 44 years old and was diagnosed with Bradycardia earlier this year. Anyone else have this? How do you cope with your highs and lows?

What meds are you on? Certain bp meds will lower your heart rate. Mine goes down to 49-50 when resting…bradicardia means slow heart rate. Slower is better.

I have this. It was made worse as I was taking (prescribed) beta blockers for high BP. But my cardiologist switched the med and is unconcerned about Bradycardia. The high BP is another story.

Starting at 45 I’ve had 10 stents 4x CABG my resting heart rate was between 37 and 41 felt horrible all the time. Was taken off BP meds no help. Cardiologist said the low heart rate is good if I can deal with the side effects. After passing out and hitting the wall they put a pacemaker in and felt much better. Then had issues with pacer installation, left arm would hurt and turn purple if held above my head for a few seconds. Vascular specialist found that the lead completely blocked return bloodflow. Cardiologist removed leads and went through juggler vein. Then couldn’t turn my head without the leads bulging in my neck and severe pain. Decided to get a new cardiologist and he moved the pacemaker to the other side and works great.