Living with Bipolar type 1


My most recent medications that I have been on for nearly a year has caused my life to change. I still have my bad days and things that can trigger an episode of mania but it has been greatly reduced and the highs aren’t so high if that makes sense. I feel like a human being again, I find myself singing along to the radio in the car or at the grocery store. And I haven’t needed to take my anxiety medication as much when going into public! That is a huge deal for me.

My point to all this is to say that I am doing so much better, however I am 24 this year and it has taken over 7 years to get these medications right for my body. I just hope that maybe one person struggling reads this and can take from this that there is light at the end of the tunnel even if it is far away. You just have to keep trying and not give up. I’m here for anyone who ever may need a friend. I’m new on this so I don’t know if messages can be sent but if they can be please shoot me one if you ever would like to talk. Peace and love to all!


Thank you for this. I have bipolar type one wity schizoaffective disorder. I have only be diagnosed for 2 years, i never seekee help until than. I feel less like myself being on meds and i cant wait for that day when i feel human. Able to sleep at night, go to the store alone, or not have an episode for a complete day. It is hard to see the light just starting out, but im happy you posted this.


No problem. When you find the right meds I promise your life will change for the better. Starting them I still had no hope, but days turned into weeks and I realized one day I woke up and didn’t feel suicidal or super depressed. It was magical of a Feeling. Like I said it took a lot to get to that point but it is amazing and worth it going through trial and error with medication. Don’t give up and don’t ever be ashamed about your illness. A diabetic when I apologize for needing insulin so you never apologize for needing Mental Health help. You are a strong person and I know you can do it!


Sorry what I meant to say was a diabetic wouldn’t apologize for taking insulin so you should not apologize for needing mental health help


I have the same things and I have been doing better with mine and I have been work on my triggers to… now I can see what it may be before it happens so I have time to react if I need to … My husband has help to show me my triggers…


I have and I am learning to live with bipolar type one. I was filled with mixed emotions as I read the previous replies. I’m new at this sharing thing and am paranoid a lot due to domestic violence and abuse. I don’t have any friends to talk to. Most of them are judgemental and fake. And make me feel ugly and useless. And my family just wants me to get back to the person I was before being diagnosed. But I don’t know who that person is. …okay that’s it for now… starting to get anxious.


Well I will tell u this … It took me years to get back to a half ass normal … and my husband has been my rock… He has seen me at my best and worst … but now days I have found to to find my triggers and one is my mom … When my dad passed away she had a full mental health break down … And to this day she said she can’t look at me because I look so much like him … And I do … I have gained weight… And I have been I’m so many good place and go to so many dark places… But I will be your friend is u would like to be …


Yes it can take a very long time to get the right combination of meds. I too am living proof of that.


Rgazel7 thank you for sharing. Not only does your sharing help others not feel alone But you also are teaching others about these diagnosis. Again Thank you.