Living as HIV 0+

Hello everyone, I just want to let you know mt story for those who just found out and dont know what to do.
I was diagnosed on December 2013. I went to the clinic cuz I found out one friend who which I had sex with a few days before he was positive, he knew but he didnt say anything. So I went and yes, I was infected.
Of course I felt like my life was over, I didnt know who to talk to, I was devastated.
Of course I was just infected a couole of weeks before so my CD4 count was not that bad, I didnt started treatment inmediately.
My first test was a couple of mounths after, March 2014, and my CD4 count was 499, and Viral count was 33735 which is a big number, but my immune system was still strong, I started medication till my 4th test which was on the 6th mounth after found out.
This is my test record:
Mar 2014 / CD4: 499 / Virus: 33735
Jul 2014 / CD: 394 / Virus: 24309
Nov 2014 / CD4: 464 / Virus: 6870
Apr 2015 / CD4: 361 / Virus: 11600
After this test I started treatment.
Jul 2015 / CD4: 403 / Virus: 2746
Nov 2015 / CD4: 486 / Virus: 40
After this last test I was HIV 0+
Mar 2016 / CD: 462 / Virus: 40
Jul 2016 / CD4: 439 / Virus: 40
Mar 2017 / CD4: 471 / Virus: 40
Nov 2017 / CD4: 519 / Virus: 40
Jun 2018 / CD4: 801 / Virus: 40
Mar 2019 / CD4: 1077 / Virus: 40

So yes, there is always hope, even if you find out a little late, just stick to your treatment and youll have a normal life, please eat good as well, food is so important, exercise once in a while, but please fight. If there is any quedtion you like to ask please do.

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