Mental Health is a rough go sometimes.


Yes it definitely is.


Ohhhh, I think that may be the understatement of THE YEAR!!! And combined with physical limitations, bust my bubble


True story! Sorry that you seem to be having a rough time.


You should try it with a predisposition to mental illness, then through in PTSD and depression. Now I find out my 26 yr old daughter is bipolar and ADD.


Throw… Spell check… Don’t ya love it?


Hey Red, yes it is. Looking at yourself and your life knowing that there was so much out of your control. And then kicking yourself repeating “if I only had known!” But you can’t go back. You can only move forward. You can apologize to the people that you have hurt, but don’t make excuses or use whatever your diagnosis/diagnoses may be.
I have been seeing psychiatrists and psychologists since I was 10 years old and I am now 54. I am speaking from a place of understanding and I hope that is how I am coming across.
I am sorry that some answerers here are playing the one-upmanship and not really providing any help.
As you are walking this road the one thing that I would like to say is be brutally honest when talking to the doctor. Open yourself up and air the dirty laundry. If you try to hide or try to out think your doctor you are either delaying the proper prognosis or lying to yourself.

As a Chaplain I would be remiss if I didn’t mention your spiritual health. Quite often that part of our life can cause a lot of problems with our mental health. If you tackle one but not the other you are setting yourself up for another fall. I am not trying to push you into any certain faith. That isn’t what a Chaplain does. We are here to meet your wherever you are in your spiritual walk.
I hope that all of what I have said here is helpful. Get back with me @ if you need to talk more privately.

May you be blessed,
Chaplain Wade


Sorry to learn of your difficulties. I too have PTSD and ADD (adult diagnosed) and other mental health issues. I can’t imagine how it feels to have a child diagnosed with such difficulties. Sending prayers for God’s Peace and Healing.

It certainly is

I agree it is hard especially when you have disabilities that limit you to being stuck at home a lot!

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So true you need to work through the things that are truly bringing you down and realize that you are the only one that can truly bring happiness to yourself!

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Not exactly, Wzrd. You are the only one who can accept happiness for yourself. Very rarely will the happiness we create by ourselves measure up to the joy that we find when we have an honest relationship with God.

It’s ruff all the time but life goes on or so were told. …keep your head up and keep pushing on

It’s very rough especially when you have family or friends who dont understand. Even tougher when your trying to work but again boss and employees dont understand. I’m finally filling for SSI hope it will get a little easier I’m tired of letting everyone down.

L. Kham Cummings