Life is great today

As you get up into your 70s and 80s. Every day turns out to be a journey.
What’s a journey is your own nothing that you do or anyone said can keep you from taking this journey. So you might as well face it do not complain about it take the bad and turn them into the good. Take the good and take turn them into the better days of the rest of your life. For if you go to sleep tonight 😴, thank the master that you get up to wait see the sun.


Well said. I just had hip surgery yesterday hoping to avoid a replacement, and I decided that for my Grandchildren I am going to live everyday for them and take care of my diabetes and live for them, my children and now Great Grandchildren. I figure everyday I am looking at the grass and not the roots is another day for them.


Unfortunately that doesn’t apply to everyone but I look forward to those days. Even though I have vary days I still try to enjoy the days when I don’t feel well and look to the days when my pain doesn’t hold me back.


What nice thoughts you have displayed you. Thank you for that.
I do hope that you have the grace to understand the people who don’t or can’t see things through the lens that you have.
Some people don’t have the same faith or beliefs that you do. Others have medical conditions or chemical imbalances that won’t allow them to see things like you.
I pray that God will continue blessing you.