Letting go

8 months ago, I lost mybestfriend, my girlfriend of 2 years. We were awesome together, loving, always laughing, doing things together. Always have time for each other. After 2 months of dating, I moved to a different town to live with her. We’ve known each other for a long time since we grew up in the same town. Anyway., I got a job delivery driving for Domino’s. Well, I’m a recovering addict and I met this other girl who became a good friend. So I thought. Well, to make a long story short, I stayed using again. I thought I could control it and she wouldn’t know. But I started getting paranoid and depressed and started going to a new doctor who prescribed new meds for me. Resperidol really messed me up. I thought I was acting normal but everyone said I was going crazy. Well, she made it seem like she didn’t know about my use. And pretty much played with me until I screwed myself by telling at her so she wouldn’t feel guilty about throwing me out on my butt. I don’t blame hey though. But it’s been 8 months, 2 suicide attend later, and I just realized that someone who loves you helps you. Not to you aside. 1 month after dumping me, she moved in with another guy. And you know what? Good riddance. I deserve better. She just showed me what I don’t want. Oh, and it’s been 6 months clean and sober for me. I was always crying over her. Never again. So I just thought I’d share how I finally decided to look at things from a different and more positive way. And I can smile again, been out working in my yard all day on my day off. It’s great to be alive. The sun always returns after storms.


Good for you!! The right person will come along!! Congratulations on being clean and keep it up, for yourself not others. You deserve it!!!


God bless you and keep your faith. He is always with you. If it wasn’t for God and my family I couldn’t make it each day. I know that God has pulled me up and through so much. And He will help you, just ask Him to. I’ll say a prayer for you. Psalms 23 always helps me when I’m stressed out.
God bless you and stay strong.


Thank you, guys. Actually, I have found someone who I’ve known all my life and we just reconnected agree 20 years. Been talking for the last few weeks and she’s amazing. And she doesn’t drink or use, a Christian, and has Lupus but still sees the beauty in this beast. 😁 And I do pray everyday. If it wasn’t for God, my friends would not have found me theseco dtumri tried to end it. I will pray for you guys too. Thank you. 😁


Wish I could do it. Because I can’t make him love me and I know he don’t

Amen and congrats

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Thank you, I have alot of health problems,too many to name but a couple of big ones are depression and anxiety and panic attacks that I have fought for I think all my life but only diagnosed in my thirty’s and now I’m 57 . Iv been tested for so many things but some doctors haven’t tested anything just blown me off. My regular Doctor has done so so much and now he doesn’t know what else to try. I have seen a couple of professionals but ended up just bringing my meds back to him because why pay them the big bucks when I am only in there for ten minutes. I do see a good Christian Counselor though that it took me awhile to trust but now I feel like she is the only one I have to really talk to. And it does help when I do get to go. I have severe Chronic migraines.almost everyday which interferes with everything. Including spending time with my family. Chron pain everywhere else. And they just don’t understand why. Sometimes don’t even believe me. It hurts enough to miss out on spending time with them, but even more for some one to say that they don’t believe you. Because that person keeps going through their pain no matter.
So please say a prayer for me too.
I couldn’t keep going if not for God and I wonder why sometimes what I am supposed to be doing now. I guess everyone does that but I can pray if that’s all I am able to do for people and try to teach my grandkids about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit when I get a chance. I even still remind my kids even though they are adults about God and what he will do for them.
I am so glad you found someone. . God is good sometimes we might have to wait for an answer to our prayers but you never know when that answer will come.
God bless you and your friend 🙏🙏


Ryan, I hope and pray that you will forgive me. I’m so sorry for letting my post about my problems cross over to your post. I tend to lose my thought concentration and let my posts get to long . I just wanted to apologise for that. And express how how happy I am for you and how things are going much better for you.
God bless you 🙏

CdC, no problems. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences and health problems. I had a major meltdown yesterday because I thought I lost a friend because I was texting and they weren’t answering. I posted on FB that I was going to kill myself. Well, I’ve already had 2 attempts so people knew I would to. Cops came and I read their mind and told them I was fine and would be ok. After they left, I got into my head so bad, I turned my location of on my phone, put it on do not disturb and drive put off town. Just took off without telling anyone. Had intentions in mind but came home and talked and cried in front of my roommate. After a while my friend text me and told me she was sorry she didn’t get back to me and that she fell asleep. So, yeah, my mind is going. But everyday I try to make her laugh with a goofy picture and she’ll send me one or a positive meme or joke. We schedule each other up and it seems to help. But, I really wish we all didn’t have these problems, but we need to find something beautiful in each day and not let this crap destroy us. I’m always here if y’all need to talk. 😁

Has anyone ever tested you for seizures? Sometimes you can have petite-mal seizures (they don’t call them that anymore) and not know it. It will feel like severe headache, and sometimes nausea, but actually be a seizure. That doesn’t mean it is one, so talk to your doctor about it.
I was having seizures for years and had no idea what was happening until I had a grand mal seizure at 47 years old in my best friends living room and wound up in the e.r. with no memory of how I got there.
Just wanted to let you know what happened to me so you could decide what to do with your personal care.

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I have been through just about the same thing that you have and my ex husband is in jail now for killing his new wife and you sent a letter to my mother in another state and using my sister’s address as the return address anything I can get him out of jail for everything that he’s done I am not if I have to go down to where he is I want to tell them everything that he has done

Oh Ryan That scared me when you said what you wanted to do. But I’m happy that you are back with your friend. But please consider going to the doctor and maybe counseling. I do and it does help to have someone listen who you know won’t get upset but cares about you too. Please. I’m praying for you and your friend. God bless you 🙏.

Susan, no I haven’t been tested for seizures but I had a few as a child. I had gotten kicked in the head by a house that had gotten loose and jumped across myself and my cousin but hit my head with the hood. And I guess I must have had a couple small seizures but they said they stopped. But now that you mention it and I’m not sure if what I happened was a seizure. I had a couple of strange incidents that woke me up early each time. A blasting pain. a, feeling like I couldn’t move but I could still feel something like it swept over my body from head down to my legs. I thought I was dying. I couldn’t even tell for help. But then it passed except for the pain in my head and feeling strange and kinda fuzzy headed. . I didn’t tell my husband that time or next but I think there was another one the other day the same thing happened but this I thought I better tell him. I have a Drs appointment on the 11th , he said for me to tell him. I just thought it might be the meds I am taking for Acid reflux. I know my legs are jumpier, some meds have caused that and I had to stop taking them. That might be all it is. I didn’t take any of it today so I know it will take a bit to get out of my system. I have bad acid reflux. Especially with the meds I take and going to bed too. Does that sound like a seizure?

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That’s really scary, I hope that your ex is locked up and locked up good and tight. I wouldn’t want him to come back on you or your family. I’ll be praying for you and that justice is served. Be safe all ways.

Oh I just realized I posted my reply to Susan on your response about what you have been dealing with about your ex. I wondered why shy never had responded back to me. Sorry about that. Again just pray about this that God will keep that man off and out of the public and away from being able to hurt anyone else. He sounds like he needs mental help too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t use that as his excuse, but if he ever even mentioned a threat to you or laid a hand on you , I would for sure go down to where ever and tell the attorney for the dead wife about it. Be safe though, I have heard of people getting off and out even for murder just by saying that they lost it for a minute and couldn’t control themselves or convince the judge that he was temporarily insane. Please be careful and safe. I’m praying for you to be kept safe. When I feel scared or worried I read Psalm 91 and put my name in place where it refers to the author who wrote it, probably King David maybe before he became King and had to run from King Saul who went crazy and was trying to kill him. Or after he became the King and there was a revolt against him starting with one of his own sons! He had to flee and hide until he was able to get enough men together to go back and fight. It’s pretty interesting to read. I guess that is my Bible lesson for the day, I hope it doesn’t upset you that I tell you about God . I couldn’t or maybe say wouldn’t be here today without God keeping me, and helping me each and every day. He has helped each one oy family, when the enemy has tried to take them out including my husband and I. God still does perform miracle’s, I know, I have lived through some of things that can only be explained as such.
God bless and be with you and cover you with his wings of protection. There are many more verses in Psalms like 120 . That are for protection if you want to read them. I hope I haven’t over stepped my bounds with you. I am just trying to help. God will help you too.

That does sound like the seizures that I have. Just an electric shock type of feeling that starts in my head and then radiates throughout my entire body. Not being able to move and etc. It could be just an adjustment to your meds will fix it, but make sure that you talk to your doctor about it.