Learning to deal with COPD

Hello to all, I’m new to the community. I grew up dealing with Asthma since two weeks old. I was recently diagnosed with COPD a year ago. During two recent flare ups, I had serve panic attacks. I also have sleep Apnea.
Looking forward to chatting with others in the community.


I have sever asthma and sleep apnea but thank the Lord I’ve never been diagnosed with COPD!!! I do come down with multiple pneumonia a couple times a yr. I’m greatful so far this yr. I’ve not had it yet but its still early. Glad you joined the community!!! You will learn from others here in this site.


I will keep you in my prayers


I have sleep apnea as a result of severe GERD/severe asthma - the GERD acid damaged my bronchial tubes. Now my asthma is under control … finally! I am using my sleep machine more often now, and my nebulizer less!
Hope you feel the support here.


Thank you! 💖💖

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I’m using a machine also. Started using it back in 2009. I didn’t realize what was happening to me until a nurse told an attending doctor about how loud I was snoring during a hospital stay. It took awhile to get use to it, but now it’s a natural routine of my day.


I have e-asthma, and now Chf . Looking forward to chatting with you. I was diagnosed with Copd 6 years ago.

Age 81. Life threatening asthma at 3. Corotid glomectomy at 21 follow by steroid management. Diagnosis changed COPD. Cortisone deficiency. Subclinical hypothyroidism. Various other medical issues

I have sleep apnea and COPD. Had a flare up a week ago, recovering well but it is just about every year. I believe I got it from agent orange. Oh well. I understand all who have it.
Take good care and don’t get out right now unless you have to.

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I have asthma.
What is e-asthma?

Eosoniphilic asthma is a severe asthma that is not helped with inhalers. It is diagnosed through blood tests that measure the level of eospnophils in the blood. These are white blood cells usually high when fighting infections, but if there are no infections, they start attacking organs. Lungs and heart are usually the first. I have injections to help me control the asthma and hopefully reduce the eosinipils .

AWE! Thank you. Everyone in these different sites needs support from others who are going thru the same thing. We tell others what we’ve expierence so far in their journey. It’s a real big help. I know I’ve read other pist and I’ve been able to learn from them.

It’s uncontrolled asthma. I’ve had that now for 3 yrs. When I have a bad asthma attack and my nebulizer doesnt work well and I can tell my lungs are so tired of trying to breath I put my C-PAP machine on and allow it to breath for me. It helps my lungs to recover from it easier and less damage on my bronchial tubes and sack to relax and not to work so hard. When they have to work so hard it usually sends me back into another asthma attack. Afterwards it’s so hard for me to talk for several days to 2 weeks due to the strain. Take care!