Labs/Radiology info

Sneak a peak at Zibdy. I thought there was a workaround I could manufacture in Carezone to store lab results, but after seeing how things work, my ideas would not work. I like how Zibdy has done it, too bad they fail so badly in so many other areas they claim to do… but how they 'track" labs looks like it may be something useful. Also if you set up something similar the things you don’t have that folks do want (Like previously A1C wasn’t tracked in vitals) they could add it in a system like Zibdy uses for labs.

If not wanting to go that route, I thought of storing PDF’s of the labs but the way things are currently set up it wouldn’t be very useful. You can load photos, but that would quickly become a storage problem on a device. Think about it.


I have a app from my Drs called Mybassett that keeps track of my different appts labs x-rays etc even from the hospitals. It even has the notes from the Drs.


Most of the hospitals and clinics in my area use MyChart. It keeps track of appointments, labs, visit reviews, etc. Unfortunately, it does not track my medication schedules.

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No but my chart is good for alot of other stuff. And this app keeps track of my meds

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